Misery Loves Company (and Blue Java)

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Bwog took a frightening walk around Butler. The only thing outnumbering Redbull cans and Facebook page views were the dirty looks directed at our camera flash. Nonetheless, Bwog emerged unscathed and camera intact with a photo essay of Butler’s temporary residents.


























































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  1. hey!  

    You guys got a photo of that disgusting girl that LIVES in 210. The one with the rat's nest on her head and grocery bags and garbage all over the place. I've had to relocate to the fourth floor since I can't stand the sight of her

    • concerned  

      Hey, bwog, don't you maintain that you delete comments about specific people? these remarks are pretty hurtful. whatever your study habits, to be put on blast by a bunch of underslept, grumpy undergrads is not exactly a confidence boost before finals. no one deserves to get insulted like this. I move for comment deletion.

  2. TRUTH  

    In the top photo, the mouse cord forms a diagonal line between the dark blue background of the mousepad and the letter "I" in CUIT, so that it looks like CUNT

  3. yes

    ^this is very true. quite the observation

  4. no camping  

    omg. i was in 210 last night and sat behind her. her desk is covered in papers, wrappers, and dirty plates with crumbs. she is only one of many nasty, smelly, selfish people who have moved in and leave books, lamps, pillows, tissue boxes, etc. what makes you think you are more entitled to study space than other people!

    these hoes better be careful, cause when they are gone taking a shower in the toilets, im gonna go find me some books to sell!

  5. sick of butler  

    you left out the CREEPY corner desk in that odd (maybe unnumbered?) room just before 210. The guy has WRAPPING PAPER and an expensive-looking watch taped to the inside of his cubicle. Shudder.

  6. you're robots  

    Why do people study in a library? Go back to your rooms. People study in the libraries because they think it's fashionable. Butler culture is crowd culture. You're all a bunch of brainwashed morons.

  7. Ssas  

    why the fuck study in Butler? It's the worst fucking library on campus. You DO know about Uris, Lehman and Diamond, right?

    Smelly-ass infidels!

  8. hmm  

    nice idea, bwog, but ultimately just depresses the readership. misery hates company when it comes to studying.

  9. Stacks

    I just took a dump in the stacks. You'll find out where soon enough! Let's just say I think a certain historical figure's biography is crap! Ha HA HAHAHAHAH

  10. Anonymous  

    Lerner's open late too. Something about these scenes in Butler shouts Ass-burgers.

  11. thomas roma  

    where are the people in your photos? catch 'em in the act!

  12. Quick  

    Quick, someone give any and all advice on the Lit Hum final!


  13. The Kindle  

    My name implies that you should burn your books, and buy me from I shall store your books within my belly of knowledge only to burp them out on command. Also, I search wikipedia and I think Toni Morrison wants to do me.

  14. rawr

    Butler campers can suck my hairy a-hole. The next time I see one of you bratty shits taking over a whole table and then leaving your shit behind to guard it for you while you run off for five friggin' hours, DON'T be surprised if you come back to find that someone has accidentally spilled their coffee over all of it.

  15. Why  

    Why doesn't Butler do something about this?!

  16. hey concerned  

    how bout you pack up your crap and take it with you when you go home to sleep and bring it back to butler in the morning when you come back?!

    its revolutionary, i know.

  17. anti-but  

    last year there were kids in milstein in one of those little booths upstairs with a paper lantern hanging from the ceiling.

    i feel much better now that i'm rarely in butler studying, but now i don't have the shame of my inferior work ethic and easy distractability to motivate me to actually study.

  18. i know this chick  

    who's had a cubicle since mid-october... five hours away from a desk is nothin' compared to that screwball shite.

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