Orgo Night ’07 (II!)

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Despite nearing the last of their reserves of sanity, a healthy several hundred out of Butler’s suffering hordes turned out for this semester’s edition of Orgo Night (see others here and here). Those not in the loop as 209 filled up might be excused this time around; the Band doesn’t seem to have done much in the way of flyering. The crotchety individual who uttered a loud SSHHHH at around 11:50, however, was rightfully greeted with derisive laughter.

The marchers arrived right on time and put on a lively but shorter-than-average show (in this bwogger’s recollection). A few highs and lows:

LOW: In mocking the Day Against Hate, the band suggested it was kind of like oil, in which the day following a boycott would see doubled sales—“probably explaining what happened at Radio Perfecto two days later!” Everyone chucked at the murder of the young man. 

anzaloneHIGH: In the obligatory Ahmadinejad segment, the band suggested that the Iranian leader wasted time checking before he discovered Facebook and joined the World Dictators network. Pervez Musharraf showed up on the feed one day, as his relationship status with Pakistan had gone from “committed” to “it’s complicated.”

SO-SO: The 2008 presidential race got air time as well, with a fair amount of hating on evangelical conservatives, Yale, and Obama’s Columbia amnesia. His time here, they reasoned, must have been truly harrowing. “Maybe he didn’t have enough ethnic studies!” 

KIND OF OVER THE LINE: Aaaaand on the hunger strikers…CUMB ran with the public figure-ness of the strikers themselves, role playing one making Bryan Mercer hit himself with his hand, shouting “Why are you Othering me?” and making tasteless jokes about anorexia.

weinAbsent this year: Barnard jokes, PrezBo, the West End, alcohol. 

Present this year: former CUMBers Marcus Johnson and Joe Anzalone, rocking out on a table.

Bwog filed out with the rest of the visitors, only to be greeted again when the Band swung by Wien for a reprise. Hi Nancy!




  1. yay  

    that was awesome! go CUMB :)

  2. The loud Shhhh  

    Came from none other than Marcus Johnson, who also initiated the large laugh afterwards.

  3. I heard

    that Mercer was supposed to be there but he was too busy setting a cross ablaze on south lawn and then writing the op-ed condemning the imbued hate and racism within every student not friends with him on facebook or in the group "i support the hunger strike" as if not loving a prejudiced, closed minded, rage filled mob will be righted by forcing "this is why I hate your white ass" classes down students' throats.

    • oh cmon  

      why don't you pull that stick out of your ass and stop raggging on bryan by accusing him of things that's he's never done. and why don't you actually sit in on an ethnic studies class or read up on it, before you spew out misinformed, straight up FALSE statements about how ES hates on white people.

      • go ahead

        and deny that Ethnic Studies hates on white people. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

        • In fact...  

          Ethnic studies hates on ALL people, by pretending that melanin-content is a real academic discipline. Go study a real subject people. Major in area studies (e.g. the new African Studies major, which sounds great) if you wish, since that actually deals with a group's history, intellectual tradition, etc.

          • yes  

            that is in fact the purpose of ethnic studies. to hate people. you've discovered the secret! intro to ethnic studies courses consist of throwing darts at cardboard cut outs of the faces of george washington and abraham lincoln. the seminars conduct actual plots to destroy the world. the hunger strikers were not in fact columbia students at all, but a group of alien covert operatives intending to destroy humanity before we rise to challenge their galactic rule.

        • alright  

          Ethnic Studies doesn't hate on white people. If you're not gonna take my word for it, then sit it on class fool. Or, alternatively you could read a book on comparative ethnic studies. ES does actually deal with, as commenter 17 describes, "a group's history, intellectual tradition..." of people of color in the U.S. So much ig'nance in these posts!

  4. I Voted for  

    Marcus Johnson!

  5. I heard ...  

    those two kids smoking in the window on the seventh floor are on housing probation.

  6. Anorexia...

    it's lacking in taste!

  7. lydia  

    your posts make my day.

  8. once again...

    The CUMB proves how ridiculous it is. Once again.

    Institutional memory at Columbia is pretty much non-existent.

  9. and!

    I love how Bryan Mercer is a celebrity; you petty, ignorant haters devote so much time and energy to him it's hilarious.

  10. intentional?  

    "tasteless" anorexia jokes?

    really? that was the best adjective you could come up with?

    (because they don't eat anything, so taste...em....get it?)

  11. The point..  

    of Orgo night is to make fun of campus events and to a certain degree offend people. It was exactly the type of study break I needed right then. Band is ridiculous and that's why I, and probably most other people, go to see them perform. If you don't want ridiculous, stick to the wind ensemble or a capella groups

  12. i think  

    he/she gets it. He/she was being witty and subtle, unlike you.

  13. yo bwog  

    You should do an equal opportunity post on Midnight Breakfast. Even though it is Barnard, a good many Columbians were there.

  14. script  

    Does anyone have a link to the script of Orgo night? I heard they post it online somewhere.

  15. script  

    will be posted online at but it isn't there yet

  16. shit  

    was relatively lame. thouht the jokes were more witty in previous yrs.

  17. cumbing

    orgo night is always lame. cumb prides itself on being lame. but i guess that's mostly the point. i suppose the "let's all get together school spirit rah rah" thing is bigger than the content of the actual event.

  18. point  

    "Everyone chucked at the murder of the young man."

    Assuming you meant "chuckled", from where I was standing near the back, that joke went over like a dead log - everyone did the groan that is universally recognized as "too soon, too soon".

  19. video  

    did anyone tape this thing down? Is it up on youtube?

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