1. the Fed  

    is not funny. Maybe I'm not intelligent, satirical, or sarcastic enough, but the jokes just don't make me laugh.

    • true  

      I prefer to read bwog comments for intelligence, satire, and wit. It warms the cockles of my heart and reassures me that not everyone on cyberspace is a complete sarcastic asshole.

      Seriously though, the responses to the Jacob Shapiro bar mitzvah post last week were very telling. It was truly hilarious and made an important point about our student center - probably one of Bwog's best ever posts. Only half of the commenters actually got it, though, with the rest being "this post is pointless", "I don't get it", "why should I care about this" etc.

  2. Emily

    the fed is supposed to be funny?

    oh. you're probably right.

  3. that  

    is one bad ass cover image

  4. i remember  

    first reading the fed at DOC and thinking it would be the reason why the kid sitting next to me in john jay would go to yale instead.

  5. the menorah  

    does not have enough candles.

  6. ...

    bwog, when will teh december issue come out? i am in need of serious procrastination only for today and tomorrow... when finals start rolling in I won't have as much procrastination time... will you make this weekend brighter? at least put it online! :)

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