1. this  

    does not amuse me. Oh and first!

  2. that  

    would make it a date? Really?

  3. mikey

    dear bwog,

    please stop sucking.

    - mikey

  4. aww  

    i thought it was sweet. i'm in a horrible mood and stressed out, and i still thought it was sweet

  5. I dunno  

    I thought it was pretty funny.

  6. Seconded  

    I thought it was sweet too. I mean it illustrates just how dorky a lot of people are here, in an endearing sort of way.

  7. haha  

    awkward turtle moment!

  8. hehe  

    very sweet. Unfortunately, the guy paying does not always make it a date :X.

  9. hmmm  

    if she's barnard... does she have to put out?

  10. hahahaha

    Year 2028 in a Conneticut suburb: "and that children, is how i met your mother"

  11. imagine

    the puritan sex they're having

  12. but

    what makes it even sweeter is that maybe he says 212 to reassure her that it's not a date-date, but it's so their first date. they are so gonna cover their mouths and giggle softly about it after their first night of hug-sex.

    what if it's snowing outside the windows while they have hug-sex, you guys?!?!?!

  13. :)(  



    I probably would have been thrown off by the date comment, and would have kissed her on the spot to relieve the awkwardness.

    Well done, sir!

  14. aww!  

    This may have given me the strength to go back to studying.


  15. wait  

    what is awkward about this? I don't see anything. That gut seems really smooth to me.

    I have also not really been outside Butler in about a week so perhaps my perspective is skewed.

  16. not a date  

    Dining Dollars and Flex does not make it a date. (Assuming he did use one of those methods.)

  17. I'm sure  

    There will be some But-loving in the future.

  18. my god  

    These people are totally lame, thus entertaining.

  19. haha  

    girl needs to lose the labelling. it's not a date, he's just being nice.

    this was funny to read.

  20. invisible_hand

    not to be persnickety, but for an "overheard in the But" thing. why is the picture of lerner?

  21. Oh my  

    Don't you just love it in the But?

  22. I wonder  

    if anyone has actually engaged in anal intercourse while in Butler Library.

  23. maybe  

    because 212 is in Lerner...

    doesn't it look like a lovely place to have a date?

  24. he won't  

    he won't come close to second base unless he throws in some tasti.

  25. alexw  

    All I can say is that this is adorable and I hope she said yes.

  26. need clarification  

    is there any scenario where a boy would pay for a movie but not mean it as a date

    i'm seriously asking

  27. yes

    I've done it a few times. It wasn't meant as a date, we were just good friends. I've paid for dinner too, and a few times the girl absolutely insisted on paying, so we kinda trade. I think if it IS a date, the guy ought to pay, but I don't see an exchange of currency necessitating the event in question to immediately become a date. This isn't the 19th century, I'm not attempting to exchange 3 goats and 1 purebred steed for a woman.

  28. cynical  

    they will hate each other by next semester.

  29. soo  

    so if you consider yourself new friends and he asks you before hand to go and pays would that most likely be a date?

    yeah I'm asking this on bwog

  30. I really  

    really really want to get fucked in the stacks.

    • really now...  

      everyone knows that if you want to whine about fucking in the stacks you need to go to [email protected]

  31. space coyote

    They're soul mates!

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