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huckabeeIn the interest of keeping tabs: we missed the news from last Tuesday, but because most of you have been in holes for the whole week anyway, it’s worth re-mentioning that  Minutemen founder and Columbia bogeyman Jim Gilchrist (who is now being gender-neutral!) has endorsed GOP golden boy Mike Huckabee for president. Apparently, Gilchrist’s support shows that Huckabee won’t be soft on immigration.

Just like people with AIDS


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  1. Strunk  

    dangling modifier?

  2. nes  

    Watch the video linked to from the first which explains why Gilchrist endorsed Huckabee. Enlightening!

  3. ...

    lydia, Good link to include there about his idiotic thoughts on AIDS...

  4. gilchrist  

    being gender neutral is hilarious. thanks for that link.

  5. nothing can beat

    Huck-Chuck facts.

  6. well  

    Will the College Republicans follow up & endorse as well?

  7. ARR

    I think it goes without saying that Huckabee's stance on AIDS has changed considerably since then, and just about every major news outlet had something about his work in fighting AIDS as the governor of Arkansas--but I agree that he should have been a lot more contrite about this than he's been.

    All of that obscures the fact that if you want a center-right populist as president, Huckabee's your man. He has no vision and no big ideas, hasn't made any huge promises, and isn't pretending to be the leader of a "movement" or some other similar garbage. He's an optimist, but not an idealist--in other words, the virtual opposite of George W. Bush. If he gets the nomination, he stands a very good chance of winning, regardless of what he thought about AIDS 15 years ago.

    It's also significant that Gilchrist is supporting Huckabee over Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Usually these anti-immigration crazies don't care about ending up on the winning side, and are keen in exploiting their Tancredo-like gadfly status. So this either says a lot about Huckabee, or it says a lot about Gilchrist...anyway, I guess my point is that America really needs a DeBary/Eisenbach ticket.

  8. :[ ]  

    Huckabee does not believe in evolution. Thoughts?

  9. Umm  

    Why will people with AIDS be tough on immigration?

  10. indeed  

    Why won't people with AIDS be soft on immigration?

    Lydia should be deported, I'm sure there's an eager person waiting for a visa who can actually writing in English.

  11. well  

    that person clearly isn't you. Unless "who can actually writing" is your idea of proper English.

  12. jesus  

    i hope this guy doesn't win the primary. if anyone can fuck up this country more than bush has, it's huckabee.

  13. ...

    It's about paying lipservice to the ignorant and idiotic religous right of the republican masses so they vote against their own economic interest...... Don't you understand?

    After all, in a couple years, all my fellow pre-wall street types need to make sure we're not taxed an extra 5% on our bonuses!!!!!! Even if that means our society goes to hell in a hand basket.

  14. Aghhh

    Where is Karina Garcia to call both men, everyone who has posted in this thread, and Santa Clause himself a racist? Seriously. I thought she was the energizer bunny of activisto ad hom?

  15. Karina Fan

    Huckabee's rhetoric and policy on immigration haven't been all that nutty in the past, says the Post. Supposedly he's firing it up now to get the votes. Gilchrist would probably more appropriately endorse Tancredo, but he likely things Catholics are going to hell.

  16. Huckabee  

    doesn't believe in evolution, but also denounced that the evolution/intelligent design debate was part of the campaign. he'll pander to the christian right, but he's honest enough to know that the whole intelligent design thing in schools is bullshit. if there;s a single thing he's good at, it's his support for science and arts edu. the rest is terrifying (for example, he wants to eliminate all income tax and then just have a huge national sales tax, thus fucking the poor repeatedly with sideways broomsticks)

  17. CheshierCat

    National Deception: Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist Lie To America

    January 9, 2007

    CONTACT: William Gheen, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 329-3999

    Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Minuteman Co-Founder Jim Gilchrist have been documented lying to America by the Washington Times today after false headlines ran on Tuesday proclaiming Mike Huckabee would try to remove birthright citizenship from the Constitution.

    The article confirms that Huckabee lied on CNN about his campaign being contacted about Gilchrist's false statements and Gilchrist lied in a release about Huckabee's immigration stances.

    Gilchrist put out a press release on Iowa's election eve, under the fake name of "Perry Emerson” that contained several false statements and embellishments of Huckabee's immigration stances. The release claimed Huckabee would try to reverse birthright citizenship laws, which are widely exploited by illegal aliens.

    "We are doing our best to get the truth about these lies, and the hidden amnesty component of the Huckabee immigration plan to the public," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "So far, the majority of the national media is not reporting these facts and voters wonder why they are hearing the news from us instead of CNN and Fox. This is a grand national deception in motion and it is absolutely blasphemous that voters are being deceived on a massive scale."

    ALIPAC launched a campaign to warn voters about Huckabee's statements on Fox News on Dec. 9 2007, where Huckabee stated illegal aliens could leave the US and return within days permanently and legally. This information was only reported once on Fox and is not included in Huckabee's distributed immigration plan. The national media is not telling voters that over 84 immigration enforcement organizations, including multiple Minuteman groups, have rebuked Gilchrist's endorsement of Huckabee.

    "When lies of this scale go unchecked by the media, it is no wonder that our nation is in such great peril today," said William Gheen. "The Huckabee and Gilchrist immigration deception is a national disaster in motion that will have far reaching negative ramifications for America. Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist are successfully deceiving American voters and they must be stopped."

    Copies of Gilchrist's fake name press release, the Washington Times Articles, copies of the video of Huckabee's "illegals back in days" comments, and the letter signed by the vast majority of groups fighting illegal immigration are available at

    All members of the media are asked to tell voters the truth before it is to late.


    Paid for by Americans for Legal Immigration AMERICANS FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION PAC
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999

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