John Legend joins Sachs celebrity fan club

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legendDid you need a reason to come back to school? Look no further–R&B rock star John Legend will be playing Alfred Lerner Hall at 6:00 PM on Monday, January 28, as part of Show Me: The Poverty Action Tour. Never one to miss a party, sustainability guru Jeff Sachs will be joining Mr. Legend onstage, presumably getting lifted with the rest of us. Student group leaders found out about the booking first, but a tipster tells Bwog that the undergraduate councils aren’t allowed to send out e-mails until Tuesday, which one day after registration officially opens at noon tomorrow. The grad schools apparently already know–stand by your computers!

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  1. Dumb F*ck  

    I am Legend!!!

  2. Penn15

    C'mon Bwog, where's the Ivy love?

    John Legend is Penn '99

  3. Dear Jeff,  

    This just might hurt a little

    Love hurts sometimes when you do it right

    Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain

    Pleasure is on the other side

    -John Legend, "Save Room"

  4. uh oh  

    looks like the earth institute didn't predict this much traffic. the page is loading reeeaallly slowly

  5. rrrrright

    The councils never e-mail us commoners BEFORE an event/event registration takes place. They want to reserve the space for just them and their closest friends.

  6. got it  

    registered, but the site is moving pretty slowly.

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