1. but

    will there be a pillow fight?

    or is that only in spring?

  2. being stressed....  

    would imply that I've actually been studying. i have more exams than i can count on a single hand, and I have yet to start studying. Columbia is devouring my soul once again.

  3. Gangsta Greg  

    I know! Man, FUCK studying. Aight, I better get back to that shit. I'm so burnt out.

    I need a cigarette and a blowjob.

  4. mortimer  

    On Columbia's wikipedia page, it lists "Primal Scream" as a tradition. It then goes on to say that this "tradition" is also performed at approximately THIRTY-THOUSAND other schools. How can we claim something so ubiquitous as a tradition? We might as well claim that it's a Columbia tradition to have Mathematics classes.

    • ummm one said it's "our" tradition, it's just a tradition we practice.

    • NYC  

      Thinking about it, Primal Scream is more interesting here at CU than at other schools. Because campus is so dense, dorms on the quad can hear one another very well. Added to this is that we're just buildings amidst thousands of other NYC buildings - in effect, we have an audience.
      This cannot be said for your middle-of-nowhere schools like Vassar where their average audience is a cow.

    • um NO  

      Point: Tradition has nothing to do with exclusivity!

      Example: Just because MILLIONS of other families put a Christmas tree in their homes doesn't make one's annual Christmas tree trimming any less of a tradition to their families.

  5. fix you up

    seems like we can fix your problem pretty easily, gangsta. just a few bucks for a pack of cigarettes. and since, you know, women's blowjobs are also commodities that you pay for, i'm sure you can hit the streets and get one for $50 (if you're hot, maybe only $25). oh yeah, and i hope you slip on your ass while you're looking for both of the above.

  6. Here is a  

    cool quote from Poli-Sci professor Joe Parent, taken from lecture three weeks ago:

    "... world population took off as a result of the Industrial Revolution, but people people began to have less babies as they became wealthier... (laughs).. which brings me to an important point: the more education you have, the less you get laid. If you guys like sex, you're in the wrong place."

  7. what happens  

    what happens if you're in a public space like butler or lerner at midnight? do you get to scream? last year i was in my room both times so i have no idea, but i have a feeling i'm going to be in lerner alllll fucking night.

  8. Definitely!  

    There'll be some screaming in Butler. Usually there is. I'm not sure about Lerner but it's a possibility. If not, you should go outside and stand at the Sundial. I always think of the Inferno and that that must be what the rings of hell are like.

  9. When I was  

    My freshman yr, I had no idea about the Scream. So at 12AM, i was procrastinating when i hear THUNDEROUS screams outside my window I was scared shitless thinking it was a mass-murder or another terrorist attack I was fucking sweating. Then I stuck my head outside the window and realized that it was just good old Columbia.

  10. 114th  

    is an eerie place to be during the scream.

  11. and remember...  

    it's ONE scream. If you missed it, it is NOT appropriate to scream at 12:30.

    The scream shall last no longer than 60 seconds.

  12. ...  

    i dont remember bwog last year announcing the scream. you just know

  13. haha  

    don't worry bout me espn boy -- if you are writing jokes parent says in your notes, you obviously got alot of bullshit to sort through.

    i toast to your failure with a vodka red bull.

  14. stop primal screams  

    primal screams at midnight contribute to the scourge of gentrifcation due to the verbal proliferation of uppity white artistes

  15. Craig  

    Yo. Just go to craigslist. You will be sure to find your blowjob partner there!!! Just don't be picky. They are mostly men!! Good luck!!!

  16. fact  

    yea dude, tons of guys give blowjobs in the city so they can get money for smack. helllzzz yea!

  17. i remember  

    during last year's scream I was listening to a friend talk about how she hurt herself. THAT was fucking eerie.

  18. virtual scream  


  19. damn i missed  

    midnight by one minute, damn.

  20. woohoo  


  21. aaa!!  

    i have never felt such solidarity!!!

  22. woodbridge  

    aww, i didn't know the primal scream made it so far west. that was helpful! but it's 12:03 now; shut up!

  23. Can't I  

    jack off in peace?

  24. AH!  


  25. ahem


    thank you.

  26. hmmmmm  

    i feel like, by posting this, bwog is making the scream their own, which they shouldn't be. the way the post is written it looks like it was bwog's idea or something

    • Lydia  

      In case anyone's still reading--we did not at all intend to appropriate the Scream as our own idea, but since we hadn't heard of one in the works for last night, decided to give the tradition a little publicity. Everyone can use a reminder once in a while.

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