1. hahahaha  

    good job bwog.

  2. quality  

    quality screamage

  3. uchhh  

    that was annoying

  4. hogan  

    had no idea so many freshman read bwog. Security must have thought there was a shooting in Carman.

  5. make it stop!!!  


  6. reni  

    I actually think the little late yelps here and there are cute. I guess I'm the only one? Makes me chuckle!

  7. primate scream?  

    Wow, definitely just saw a guy walk into the library wearing a gorilla costume.

    Also just walked by another guy singing, "It's The End Of The World As We Know It." There are still times when I love this school, thank goodness.

  8. rraaaawwwrrrr  

    that felt amazing. it sounded like there were mass killings here. rrooaarr lion roooarrrr!!!

  9. a monkey's aunt  

    how tall is the gorilla? I may know him

  10. hehe  

    oh, the gorilla's pretty tall. heh heh. Would you like to get to know him?

  11. alexw  

    I actually took the opportunity to finish up my murder quota for the year. Nobody notices bloodboiling screams when everyone is screaming.

  12. lolgorilla  

    i saw a shaggy black leg disappearing into the elevator on hartley 7, accompanied by screams of "LETS GO STREAKING"
    does anyone know if the gorilla shed his fur for a little nakey jogging?

  13. thanks  

    I was on the very of a mental break down, and everyone yelling (I didn't take part) just kind of made me laugh... thanks, bwog.

  14. thanks (oops)  

    *verge... not very

  15. angry at pinnacle  

    1. thanks all. I participated vicariously.

    2. Why the heck is pinnacle not open? they would earn a killing tonight..

  16. Roar  

    It would be sweet if the screamers sang Roar Lion Roar...but it will never happen.

  17. hamdel  

    But I think HamDel, which is usually closed on Sundays, is open during finals. Anyone know for sure?

  18. hamdel  

    was very closed tonight. i had a free sandwich to get too... damn.

  19. poo

    did no one organize a pillow fight this year?

  20. ahh  

    ahhhhhhh. 5 finals left -- underprepared for all!

  21. last night  

    amid the screaming, i heard someone yell "i'm so fucked!" aren't we all...

  22. alex weinberg  

    missed his quota last semester and got in some deep shit, i heard

  23. NINA BELL  


  24. Anonymous  

    between the primal scream and cumb/orgo night, i am truly astounded at the extent to which our school achieves new heights of nerd-dom.

    why do i go here again?

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