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Barnard Facilities is going to be sanitizing and scraping the interior of the water tanks that supply many of BC’s dorms and buildings with water. While Bwog still can’t quite get past a few burning questions (Was the water unsanitary before? Scraping what off the tank? GUNK?) the real news is that Barnard isn’t going have running water during  certain designated times over winter break.

But who’s showered anyway in the past week? And who’s sat down with a glass of unsanitary, gunky water—who even has that kind of time? Not Bwog, and certainly not the students who chose to live at Barnard over break to work on their senior theses, or hold a job or internship.


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  1. Clearly  

    every piece of equipment on campus is brand spanking new and will never require maintenance. Now for a trip back to elementary school. Water often has sediment in it, even drinking water. Thats why when you travel, the water tastes different. After a while, that sediment builds up, and thus you must clean the tank. If you are going to call it gunky, try reading the label on that "spring water" you are drinking next time.

  2. on the other hand  

    clever title!

  3. isn't it  

    to work OFF their senior theses?

  4. same old same old

    they do that every year it's like a day or 2 at most for each dorm, and usually only for a few hours at a time

  5. over break?  

    aren't the barnyard girls forced to go home winter break?

  6. nope  

    not all do. they just have to fill out a form and get permission

  7. at least  

    the golden showers will still be working full-time.

  8. goodness  

    It's only for 6 hours of one day; it's not that big of a deal. Stop ripping on the Barnard administration - it's clearly more considerate and supportive than Columbia's.

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