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Is Morningside Heights doomed to the depths of hipsterdom?

All signs point to yes. Hipster overlord Todd P‘s Showpaper, a Brooklyn-based DIY zine focusing on upcoming independent concerts, is coming to Morningside, specifically Kim’s. (In other news, writing the phrase “Brooklyn-based DIY zine focusing on upcoming independent concerts” is something like a crime against humanity, or a sign of the impending apocalypse. Or maybe both!)

“Previously the sheet could only be found in the lower east side, Chelsea, Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Green Point,” explains an email announcing Showpaper’s arrival.

And so Morningside Heights joins the ranks of Bushwick and the Lower East Side as the latest area to experience the chilling aftermath of American Apparel’s manifest destiny. Godspeed, irony, godspeed.




  1. sir,  

    well done. I agree with philoxian society, skinny jeans kill sperm

  2. Vegetable police  

    Can you just use pics from the onion like that?

  3. Gah!

    Does this mean that Mr. Mercer will now be adding "Advocate for Blipster Rights" to his activist cred?

  4. Rudolf Rocker  

    eat bags & bags & bags. showpaper informs you of cheap/free local music happening every week in the incredible city you ignore daily. also, there is nothing wrong with showing off your slim legs / snogging hot, arty girls with style / conserving cloth. may brooklyn chew you all up and shit you back out in connecticut.

  5. bleh  

    if you would like to see a copy of showpaper rather than simply dismiss it, there's one on the door of wallach 9a1 and copies to take inside the suite.

  6. get rid of...  

    Get rid of your fucking granny glasses, Juli Weiner, and then we'll talk.

  7. are you kidding  

    those glasses are HORRIFIC.

  8. real brooklynite  

    is crying inside.

  9. hmm...  

    who keeps proposing to split cars in half? is it you, Terrence Bollea?

  10. ggg  

    i like hipsters. at least they don't walk around in sweat pants and columbia t-shirts all the time. it's fun to see people who make an effort.

  11. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    This is actually a fine post.

    I almost cry when I walk into a class and see rows of girls in sweatpants and a North Face, while guys line up in their Columbia football or "Senior Fund '08" t-shirts.

    And Morningside Heights is never going to be a hipster haven. It's arguably one of the worst neighborhoods in New York, after the Financial District and Midtown.

    • You sir  

      are a hipster douche. Your taste in neighborhoods gives you away. Fly, fly you hipster douche! Shoo!

    • wait  

      I like the idea of someone who cries at the sight of people wearing comfortable clothing

    • anonymous

      Psh, I'll take the Financial District over Morningside Heights any day - less riffraff hanging around down there.

    • Rrright

      Wow you're an idiot. Morningside Heights is one of the worst neighborhoods in New York? It has beautiful pre-war buildings, enough restaurants and cafes to satisfy anyone's cravings, and a concentrated population of highly-educated people. And there are a lot of people who can't afford this neighborhood anymore who would love to live here instead of you, so shut up and go back to your half-the-cost-of-the-cheapest-studio-in-this-neighborhood dorm room.

      • whatever..  

        this neighborhood sucks balls. overpriced restaurants, shitty bars, NO ENERGY.

        may as well rename the school "columbia university in the township of south westchester"

        and i don't understand the hipster obsession. THERE ARE NO HIPSTERS AT COLUMBIA. seriously, hipsters are usually found in areas that are fun. this neighborhood hates fun.

        • agreed

          "seriously, hipsters are usually found in areas that are fun. this neighborhood hates fun."

          hipsters arent that bad when you dont overthink them and they dont overthink themselves. they like to party and have a good time, which i dont think is such a problem

    • EAL  

      What a poor excuse for a Columbia student. Typical hipster trash: no school pride at all, and you knock all the "Establishment" areas of Manhattan, though I'm surprised you omitted the Upper East Side. You're just another one of those people who come here and then describe how bad the place is and the people, as if the only reason you came was because it was in New York. Columbia would be better off without people of your ilk. Go take your tight jeans and converse-wearing self back to NYU and stay there.

  12. is anybody else

    really bored with the whole "hipster" debate? why does this particular social scene attract so much attention? hipsters love attention and everyone, despite whether or not they support or abhor them, is just feeding their egos.


  13. Anonymous  

    I don't get it...hipsters don't even HAVE hips.

  14. yup  

    Bwog seems to be obsessed with hipsters, leading me to believe that bwog is composed of wannabe hipsters who get back at the real ones by making fun of them. People don't care so much about them. Let them live their indie life and move along. Most of the time they stay in Brooklyn anyways.

  15. Hey Bwog  

    I'm sad. I have exams. What should I do?


  16. anonymous  

    Yeah, I agree with #26...

    I'm just wondering why white people seem to always find other white people's styles weird, when all white people dress really badly anyways.

  17. confession  

    I have a confession to make...I actually have no idea what or who a hipster is.

  18. EAL  

    and the people are*

  19. #30  

    ...and I still don't know what a hipster is. Does it have something to do with jeans?

  20. last time i checked

    people have been dropping off stacks of showpapers at Kim's since this summer?

  21. james  

    n williams is a barrel of gelt.

    i want to put him in my pocket and watch him melt.

  22. That picture  

    is from the Onion. I believe there is a new movement happening where the "new hipsters" focus more on criticism, less on creativity and whose knowledge is so concentrated in one specific, unimportant area that they know close to nothing else.

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