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As you sit there drinking coffee to study for finals or liquor to forget them, New York City is deciding the fate of Manhattanville and the Alma Mater. 

Bwog webmaster Zach van Schouwen is down at City Hall, sending us waves (particles?) of information  via the miracle of technology. Columbia needs the approval of the following three committees, and then the City Council.

Planning, Disposition, and Concessions:  Passed 5-0.

Zoning and Franchises: Passed 7-1-2, with committee chair Tony Avella opposing.

Land Use: Apparently, there’s quite a showdown. Charles Barron (a former Black Panther who’s planning to run for Brooklyn Borough President and who’s firmly against the plan) has moved to delay the vote.

The Barron has been shut down 18-6. The committee wants a decision.

And, passed 18-3-3, with Avella, Barron and Vincent Ignizio opposing, and Eric Gioia, Albert Vann, and Rosie Mendez abstaining.

 Now that both the 197-c (Columbia’s plan) and the 197-a (Community Board 9’s plan) have been approved, the full City Council will vote on them later today.

Full write-up to come!


  1. cml  

    Gentlemen! There's no fighting in the war room!

  2. still studying  

    Hooray for ZvS! Love that kid.

  3. ...

    I see the Quinn-Council no longer streams stated meetings.

  4. ...

    If land use delays the vote, can it still move to the full city council package of votes?

  5. DHI  

    Charles Barron should be a ridiculously rich white man who wants to own an entire industry, not a former black panther who opposes expansion.

  6. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh  

    This is so exciting! Drama! Drumroll!

  7. Anonymous

    Can this stop being controversial now? Or will we have to wait 30 years?

  8. hm....

    Charles Barron would sooner employ nuclear weapons, if given the opportunity, than his peers. He strikes me as a true madman.

  9. barron

    A perfect fit for Dr. Strangelove's glove.

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