The day of reckoning

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manhattanvilleRemember Manhattanville? The Renzo Piano campus Columbia is planning to drop onto a 17 acre swath of West Harlem? Well, the City Council vote, the final step in the relay race that is the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, (which will only decide the fate of the entire project) is rumored to be later today. The timing was a little sneaky — the City Council technically has until January 15 to make its decision — but the Community Benefits Agreement listing what Harlem gets out of the deal, is well on its way even if not everyone is agreeing. Traditionally CBAs are finalized just hours before the final vote. (Also see the Observer’s speculations about some of the back room dealing.)

Even if you think today’s a foregone conclusion (or that it won’t actually happen), protest (or counter protest) on the steps of City Hall at 1:00 pm. 

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  1. wirc  

    NYDN says it's gonna be $247M in stuff. Which is a lot.

    Also, Renzo Piano only set the design guidelines and master plans.

  2. wirc  

    err.. the observer...

  3. Daniel

    As part of ULURP, wouldn't this next need to go the Mayor's office for approval?

  4. ARR

    I feel like this post could have been greatly enhanced with by guest woodcut or two from Bwog artist-in-residence Albrecht Durer. So:

  5. King Solomon  


  6. (counter protest)?  

    Bwog, who is counter-protest in parentheses? BIAS!

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