Facebook: A New Chapter

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The rare finals week procrastinator may have noticed changes afoot at Facebook in the form of Friends lists. Explains The Facebook Blog:

“The new Friends page lets you create named lists of friends that you can use to organize your relationships whichever way works best for you.”

Differentiate, categorize, control. Finding your HS Crushes’ current addresses and phone numbers has never been easier. Don’t sulk, stalk!

Also: “Weird Peeps”? Redundant, no?


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  1. recent alum

    good idea by facebook!

  2. rare?  

    perhaps! but i, for one, read the in-advance prompts for the first time yesterday. and then spent my all-nighter going between studying and watching the Project Runway Canada finale/Extras Christmas special. anyway, the new friend list looks weird. (and they made the "is" optional, to boot.)

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