Holiday Card Face-Off: All Animation Was Not Created Equal

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Judith Shapiro’s holiday greeting, with its fancy Roger Rabbit-style animation over actual photographs, has seemingly one-upped  Columbia’s card, which only shows people drawing lions. Are the lions not able to leap off the page and slowly fade into a photograph of Roree? And if they are, what’s the hold up?

In terms of music, accolades to Columbia for modeling itself in the vein of Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas. Classy and understated—while still economically avoiding to pay Guaraldi royalties. In addition, Bwog awards Barnard’s card Points for Trying, because it must have taken a long time to record a chorus of “Morningside Heights is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful” without anyone laughing.



  1. hmmmmmmm

    So from the card I can deduce that if I go to Barnard's campus, per 100 there will be 70 white girls, 29 Asians, and 1 black girl.

  2. whatever  

    That was really cute. PrezBo, where's OUR singing holiday card?!!!

  3. Also,

    there's at least one girl in the Barnard card that is actually a Columbia student.

  4. Although

    I really do have to admit that the Barnard card was far superior.

  5. columbia GRRRL  

    what about eric lukas?

  6. i got  

    a funny sort of satisfaction from the picture of barnard girls crossing the street to columbia in their wedding...i mean, graduation gowns.

  7. CC'09  

    The Barnard card was actually brilliant, despite all the BC hate. Let's make Judith Shap dean of CC. Although I was surprised to see the Barnard grads crossing too - I thought their graduation gowns would at least look a little different?

  8. Also  

    what the fuck is the whole "Morningside Heights sucks" vibe that's been going around Bwog recently? Morningside Heights is one Jamba Juice and 3 bars away from being baller.

  9. christ  

    i wasn't expecting what i thought was some weird sounding guy in a girl's acapella group to be j-schap. yikes.

  10. hotpants  

    Barnard is so much better than a boyfriend.

  11. cc '08

    based on this video, i've just decided to give my $1 to the 'nard senior fund.

  12. printmaker

    yay intro to printmaking for having TWO of the roarie drawers. nora and maxine!!!

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