Battle of the Bookstores

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textbooksSure, to a certain extent you’re at the mercy of the textbook companies (a.k.a. Fun Killers). But at least you can avoid being gouged too badly by shopping around, plus avoid lines in late January: the Columbia Bookstore and Labyrinth both have course listings online, and although they’re not complete, in all likelihood your calc class will have its syllabus on there. If those prices are still too high to stomach, check out, which will compare prices at university bookstores all over the country. 

Harness the power of the internet! Because you might as well do something useful while sitting on the couch surfing the net. 



  1. Labyrinth

    It's been Book Culture for months now, sadly, unless Bwog has a traditionalist streak.

  2. what do you call it

    if you're running really fast to the library?


  3. dgrfjhgkjh,m n

    valore books
    who cares if they're shipped from malaysia or something and they're paperbacks because it costs a lot less to get international editions

  4. No mention of

  5. ttan

    What you gotta do is scarf the ISBN numbers from Labyrinth's site, and then go on Alibris or and order the international editions, for far cheaper. :-P

  6. what about

    dogears on facebook? Ive had great luck there.

  7. Hey Bwog...

    Why hasn't Vampire Weekend's spot in Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs had a mention here yet?

  8. Poor Man

    You've never heard of

    Oh that's right! I forgot. A considerable number of people are so rich on this campus that they don't need any discount books!

  9. Eff That is for suckers.

    Real SEAS ballas get the overseas paperback edition of the textbooks from The cover is in Chinese, but the contents are in english. Makes you look really smart. Makes you feel really smart when you realize it's the same fucking book for 10% of the price. Thank you, Asian pirate market forces.

  10. ....

    ....real seas ballas.....

  11. too bad

    the books from overseas smell like cheap newspaper thats been sitting in the rain for three weeks.

    If your idea of a textbook is a black and white version of the Post then international edition texts are the way to go.

  12. Ife is better than the rest.

    I've been using it for 2 years because it offers me the choice to eliminate the international editions from the search. Its much better than and

  13. labyrinth

    i was in princeton today and they have an enormous labyrinth. very sterile. old school tote bags.

  14. huh

    I thought yale was the only place where labyrinth lived on. at least, people always assume I went there now when I wear my morningside-bought labyrinth tshirt around.

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