2008 is the new 2007

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The new year is here, and with it, some resolutions of Bwgossipers. Cheers to optimism!

Create a filter to send all career center e-mails directly to Spam

Fill four HamDel cards, topping this semester’s three

Never mention to anyone how much I sleep

Spend more time on Spectator-subversion related tasks

Doodle more, transcribe less

Chalk some sidewalks

Get to know Brooklyn

Spend less time in Butler, more time at the New York Public Library

Gain knowledge in minute detail of something no one else knows about

Pick a writer and read everything he/she has ever written

See J. Joseph Vlasits make it from one end of campus to another on a bike

Walk the perimeter of Central Park over a day

Learn Greek

Record a full-length album with only original songs

Find a perfect macchiato in m-side

Watch the sun set over the Hudson once a week

Stay in NYC over the summer

Make it from one end of campus to another on a bike with the help of Lydia DePillis

Just say no to small talk

Eat fish and eggs

Live outside of New York City for longer than two weeks

Master online banking

Run a Cee-lo ring at Columbia

Keep a journal

Less coffee, more tea

Buy and use chapstick

Help “Honest Mitt” Romney become the first non-hellbound U.S President

Figure out how to and subsequently remove my Facebook toolbar on Firefox

Memorize a poem to recite

Find decent bread in New York City

Finish all my course readings from last semester

Lose those last 368 pounds

Read and return the book I checked out of Butler in December 2006

Win an athletic contest on behalf of Columbia

Throw a picnic in Central Park

Make a humorous snowman

Make use of Restaurant Week without getting ripped off

Repair my bike so it is capable of making it from one end of campus to the other

Build a giant robotic golden eagle that eats humans and other large mammals

Take a token fun class

Get paid for something—anything (it’s about time!)

Cook dinner three nights a week

Help ABC save publications from insufficient funds

Hand-feed campus critters

Get Money ’08!

Get a bit closer to figuring out what to do with myself after my undergrad career

Make music in Central Park

Less fear of look people in the eye during dialogue

Less dorm room pack-rat habits

Get Pimp C buried at Arlington Cemetery

More non-digital photos

More free concerts

Figure out social dancing in hopes of becoming more socially charming

Go to one of those honky tonks I’ve heard so much about

Berlin by December 2008!


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  1. whtev

    go to france and never come back. ever. (really this time)

  2. concerned citizen

    When did "m-side" become okay?

    My resolution is...that's not okay.

  3. hi!

    happy new year, west coast kids!

  4. My Contribution:  

    1. Meet Lydia DePillis.
    2. Woo Lydia DePillis.

    • secret admirer

      Lydia DePillis is a damn hot girl. I should have sat next to her during history of nyc class... sigh..

      • Hey, guess what

        Your secret is out.

        Also, whoever wrote the resolution that appears sixth from last: it’s “cemetery”, not “cemetary”. Sheesh.

        My resolution is to finish more video games. I just play part of most of the games I own, and then I move on to something else and never look back. I mean, God of War II needs to be beaten. Zeus, you dare attempt to kill me??? Oh, it is SO on.

  5. ASETasetiaewjk


  6. que?

    Why do you need the help of Lydia DePillis to bike across campus? Is she your mother?

  7. Anonymous

    I resolve to give up all my worldly possessions and travel the world doing good deeds for the less fortunate. I will, however, continue to regularly shower and shave, as well as not muttering to myself about crazy shit.

  8. Adding to that

    Force myself to do something outside of New York City once I graduate, at least for a little while, because if I stay here it almost certainly means I will live at home for the rest of my life...rents being what they are, my life being what it is.

  9. Riven

    December is Berlin is not that much fun either. But the music scene is much more alive and the NYE parties less artificial and more fun ^^

  10. omg hipsters

    i just barfed a little in my mouth.

  11. to the bwog editors

    sorry to blemish your gleeful bwog-listing, but these self-indulgent lists compiled from editorial staff submissions should forever remain in your own inboxes. you can do better than these lackluster lists. please spare the rest of us!

  12. edit staff

    lydia is cute, but not hot

  13. i know...

    i know this is spectator, but "116 Things to do at Columbia" is a little fun.

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