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A new breed of badass is rapidly replacing the sedans of yesteryear. Here, a salute to Public Safety’s new-ish fleet of customized, hybrid SUVs.

SUVs, you know, for speed. 

UPDATE 3:38 PM: Sources are reporting the existence of CU Public Safety magnets in the shape of the new SUVs. They’re available at the security desk at Woodbridge.

The magnets are presumably powered by magnetism and are therefore also environmentally friendly.



  1. green

    Have they completely replaced the sedans then? They already had a couple of these before the break.

  2. money

    Nice to see more sectors of Columbia University wasting money. I suppose walking the single block from the east entrance of the campus to the west entrance would be too much to ask.

  3. wow  

    I didn't realize that crime only occurs inside the gates of Morningside campus. You are awesome.

  4. crime

    I didn't realize that NYC doesn't have a police department, or that Public Safety can make arrests in lieu of the NYPD.

  5. yeah

    so they make a huge deal about going "green" and then proceed to outfit public safety with gas-guzzling suvs? great job again columbia!

  6. I like

    to imagine our Public Safety is something akin to Reno 911.

  7. pink

    It's a step in the right direction, but I wish they'd stop wasting money on things like this and actually reduce energy consumption in any of the much easier ways (like turning down the heat so we don't all need to keep our dorm room windows open, for example)

  8. Guzzler  

    The Escape hybrid is actually a better choice than the Crown Vic-- the Escape costs only about 2 or 3 grand more (sticker price), but it gets more than twice the city MPG. With gas at $3+ a gallon, the University will recoup the cost in just over 2 years (admittedly ignoring other costs and resale value).

    That said, they'd probably save even more gas if they cut out the sergeants' grocery trips to Fairway.

  9. yeah

    public safety never needs the chase speed of the crown vic anyway

  10. plus

    being higher off the ground is good for patrol duty, and they get more storage room

  11. Yeah...

    and being higher off the ground gives them illusion of power.

  12. i'm

    pretty sure the current hybrid suvs only have the mpg of your average sedan. that really pissed me off when i saw the 'hybrid' toyota highlander which got maybe 30 mpg max. and of course the fuckers wouldn't let me test drive the prius. why would they its selling well enough, and driving it would make you realize it is the most poorly designed car ever.

  13. Anonymous

    do you think xhibit was in charge of pimping these bad boys out?

  14. i dont get it  

    The Ford Escape Hybrid gets 34 MPG in the city (three times better than Crown Vics), second only to the Prius and hybrid Civic, and only a few thousand more in sticker price (we have no way of knowing what discount the university got). I assume they are much better in snow/bad weather conditions, and people already pointed out that they are better for patrol. The idea that public safety should walk around Morningside (Cathedral Gardens? Claremont? 110th?) is ludicrous.

    Why is this necessarily a bad purchase?


  15. Jack

    The wonderful employees of CU Public Safety are DA REALEST NIGGAZ I know!

  16. the vehicles...

    could be leased...

  17. what do  

    farting gardeners and SUV's have in common?

    greenhouse gases!

  18. hmm

    not bad, but they need to get some bling on those rims if they're going to get some respect in the hood.

    • Hater-Ass Haters  

      You talk a good game online, but Maxwell and Murray will Tase your ass old school if they catch you hating on their ride in the streets. G-G-G-Gigawatt Taser Unit!

      (btw, woodbridge resident, glad to see that you me and rudy are still the only three people who post on bwog comments)

  19. Maxwell

    Yo, I'm Still hitting them corners in them low low's girl
    Still taking my time to perfect the beat
    And I still got love for the streets!

  20. that's

    pimp. Public safety be pimpin'.

    Fo real, you think any of this public safety stuff is NECESSARY? No, fo sure, none of it is. It's all for SHOW for you insecure overprotected princesses and gentlemen. It makes you feel warm and snuggled, like a magic blanket put over you. That's why the old Sedan was always smack in the middle of campus on College Walk overlooking Butler. All of it was useless - the Sedan never prevented any crime, our students were still mugged and raped. The Sedan was only put there to remind you high folks of considerable upbringing that you are, in fact, "safe." Public Safety = Public Relations.

  21. shut up

    global warming isnt happening shit heads

  22. EvolutionaryTheorist  

    Global warming is good. Natural selection must continue. The cold will die but the hot will survive. Mankind must move forward, at the expense of billions of people and trillions of dollars, economies, etc. Yay for the hairless!

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