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The New York Times’
Election Guide 2008
is a handy tool for figuring out the political affiliations of tight-lipped professors, distant cousins, and friends. Entering in a zip code will yield a listing of all the political donors in that area, including to whom that money was donated and how much. Here are some Columbia names:

Name, Affiliation: Dollar Amount, Candidate

Hillary Ballon, CU: $2,300, Barack Obama

Jean M. Bollinger (yes PrezBo’s wife): $500, Hillary Clinton

John Coatsworth, SIPA interim dean $1000, Chris Dodd 

(Coatsworth’s wife has given $450 to Obama)

Deborah Coen, Barnard: $350, Hillary Clinton

Edward Coffman, CU: $150, Barack Obama

Jonathan Cole, CU (Former University Provost): $1000, Hillary Clinton

Geraldine Downey, CU (V. Provost for Diversity Initiatives): $2000, Hillary Clinton

David Epstein, CU (Political Science): $250, Hillary Clinton

Bruce Greenwald, Business School: $2300, Mitt Romney

Lance Liebman, Law School: $250, Joe Biden

Thomas Pogge, CU (Political Science): $300, Barack Obama

Leo Spitzer, CU (History): $350, John Edwards

Joseph Stiglitz, Business School: $2300, Barack Obama

Tim Wu, Law School: $500, Hillary Clinton

Richard Bulliet, CU (History): $4600, HIllary Clinton

Maxine Griffith, Executive VP for Government and Community Affairs: $250, Hillary Clinton

M. Dianne Murphy, Athletics Director: $2250, Hillary Clinton

Judith Shapiro, Barnard President: $1000, Hillary Clinton

David Weiman, CU (Economics): $258, Barack Obama

Priscilla Ferguson, CU (Sociology): $856, John Edwards 


For the full list of all Columbia employee donors, just search for yourself.  Click “more search options” then scroll to “employer” and enter “Columbia University.” Thanks to Julia Kalow for the tip.

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  1. why do

    clowns becoming so crucial to the election process?

    they great fun-raisers!

  2. hah

    who knew bulliet had so much cash to piss away on a primary election?

    speaking of which - isn't there a limit on these donations? I thought it was like $2500 per person.

  3. Sprinkles

    What is "C.R.E.A.M."?

  4. AMC

    "M. Dianne Murphy, Athletics Director: $2250, Hillary Clinton"

    She and Hillary once dated.

  5. daniella

    who the heck gives $856?!

  6. ttan

    Bwog, you missed "Robert Hubbard", also known around here as "R. Glenn Hubbard", who gave $2300 to Willard Romney.

  7. DHI

    It's all about Obama in my neighborhood.

  8. wirc  

    Other notables:

    Ballon: $2300, Obama
    Kroeber: $400, Obama
    Stiglitz: $2300, Obama.

    One person went for Paul, three for Romney, three for Biden, one for Richardson.

    And apparently Nancy Cauthen donated $8 to John Edwards.

  9. question

    does bwog have any information about this? are all the candidates coming to columbia on 1/27?


  10. Mike Fuckabee

    Hold on, guys. Why doing I see some people as having given $-10. What, the candidate gives the Donor money?

  11. Julia Kalow

    is sooooo hot right now.

  12. anti-rjt

    What do you call lame jokes about presidential candidates that are only ironically funny?


    Ipso facto, Rob Trump sucks.

  13. anti-"anti-anti-rjt"  

    dude, that is my screenname. while i appreciate the sentiment, and i agree that #21 is a twat-waffle, there's only one guy out there who owes a blood debt to rjt, and that's me, the true anti-anti-rjt.

    Rob Trump uber alles.

  14. wait guys

    What about Matt Schoenfeld?

  15. probably

    the 856 dollars was part of an elaborate scheme to allot money to multiple candidates of the same party based on support of the candidate and the candidate's need.

  16. negative

    amounts happen in instances like this:

    you donate $1000 to a candidate. then you donate again, but put in $2300, the maximum. instead of it calculating $1300 and counting it as one donation of 1000 and another of 1300, it counts as one donation of 1000, one donation of 2300, and a negative donation of 1000. that way, if you enter a number over the maximum, it won't allow you to actually donate that. the negative amount isn't taken back from the candidate, but is held back from the donation itself.

  17. ron paul!

    Bruce Ciaccio, a research scientist with the Dept. of Pharmacology, gave Ron Paul $250!

  18. omg

    i knew i loved tim wu for a reason!

  19. Romney?

    I just lost all respect for Hubbard and his bullshit textbook. Why oh why would an intelligent person vote Romney.

    • because

      Hubbard is the dean of the business school. Romney is a product of Wall Street at a little place called Bain Capital. People like Hubbard get appointed to key positions in the government by people from Romney's party (see: Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, etc.)

      • That's lame

        I don't buy that - if that was true, he'd vote for Giuliani, who is the most fiscally conservative of the bunch. He could have voted for Hillary, who is also pro-business (just ask John Mack).

  20. Alex S

    Zach Braff put in $2300 for Obama. Maybe he's hoping Barack will let him compile the campaign bus soundtrack?

  21. 1231223

    Columbia University: Fame Glory & Wealth, Obama

  22. how predictable

    a bunch of Columbia professors donating to support liberal candidates. I've never seen the left-wing bias of this campus so blatantly obvious.

    This is a problem. We need more conservative voices so that those ideas aren't drowned out by the liberal ones.

  23. CC 08

    Real intellects donate to think tanks, not candidates.

  24. Columbia University

    The audacity of the expansion octopus

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