2008 Election

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Vote for Bwog as U.S. News and World Report’s Best College Alternative Media Outlet. Right now we’re a few points behind the Michigan blog. But the Michigan blog is making campaign promises it can’t fulfill. The blog from Michigan said, “If I win, I’ll buy everyone a puppy. That’s a promise.” Bwog’s not about to make promises it can’t keep; you deserve better, Columbia. And so does America. 

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  1. newsweek?

    or u.s. news & world report?

  2. wes

    at least wesleying isn't ahead this year. hippie freaks.

  3. also

    also this OTR blog network is some kind of corporate-appearing chain thing. some "alternative" media...

  4. Johnny Quest

    Don't underestimate my puppy supplying abilities.

  5. Yay!

    I'm not sure if my multiple votes went through, but I did vote for bwog a few times! Good luck!

  6. E

    I just came back from visiting a friend at Ann Arbor. I read that glob while I was there, and I can confirm that most of what it says it true. It's awesome!

    But, I still voted for Bwog.

  7. E

    Whoops, meant to say blog

  8. What I demand  

    and what I deserve: is change.

  9. alexw

    I see that the UMichigan people have learned to drag their knuckles over a keyboard.

  10. sorry

    I checked out the mich blog....and the writing is pretty superior....

  11. Anonymous

    actually just read the michigan one and i take it back...theres is like 23143x better than bwog. sorry guys

  12. what michigan woman

    was honored with a lake in her name?

    Sue Peerier!

  13. !!!  

    please stop. It's just not working anymore. just bow out gracefully, please.

  14. no, stay!

    i vote the bwog punster for campus character

  15. coogan  


    vote smart and often.

  16. whoa

    The Wesleying is suddenly ahead of both Umich and Bwog

  17. wesboy

    thats right. us hippie freaks will win again

  18. UPDATE

    Michigan's blog has commented on BWOG's comments. Watch what you say... or don't.

  19. if bwog  

    is considered one of the best college alternative presses, college alternative press is in a very dire state indeed.

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