First Free Food Offering of the Semester

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Scott, the treasurer of the organization formerly known as Model UN (now called Columbia International Relations Council & Association, apparently), has just informed Bwog that in about ten minutes there will be “tons” of leftovers from a high school conference in Lerner. Scott boasts of cheeses, deli meat, and “some random cranberry stuff that Nussbaum and Wu gave us.” Nussbaum and Wu (and Scott) has giveth, go forth and taketh!



  1. Dominique  

    Here's hoping that this is a move for the bwog to return to the glory days of relating on-campus freebies and funny anecdotes, a fluffier, less-snarky existence.

  2. Hungry and Poor  

    I just went to Lerner and no one was standing near the food so I stole a whole heaping tray of it and now I am going to make a delicious curried stew. Thanks Bwog!

  3. Anonymous

    how do you make curry out of deli meats and cheese?

  4. really  

    do not be fooled. scott is wicked.

  5. What do you  

    call it when Naomi Campbell and Angelina Jolie become international diplomats?

    Model UN!

  6. CIRCA  

    How awesome are the last two words of that acronym? Anyone? Council & Association? MWAH!

  7. ...  

    Wait... who's Scott?

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