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    Last night, a Columbia band called The Stolen Cars played a show at the Lower East Side bar Fontana’s. Bwog ventured 45 minutes south-east to catch them play with five other bands as part of a larger battle of the bands-type competition. The all-Columbia, all-Beta Theta Pi band is composed of John Luna (SEAS ’08),  Matt Pruznick (CC ’09), Taylor Eichenseer (SEAS ’09), and Danny Ferarro (CC ’09).

    They specialize in catchy alt-rock, and Luna’s idiosyncratic and poppy vocals engender comparisons to Something Corporate. The Stolen Cars played a handful of songs, the best of which was “Home Run”, a crescendoing homage to ska that features a clever mix of electric guitar (Luna played both electric and acoustic at the show) and electric piano. The band ended with “Abbey and Audrey”—at which point, Matt Pruznick had removed his shirt that helpfully read “Matt”—a favorite among the growing group of CU students in the crowd, many of who started singing along. 

    The Stolen Cars were followed by a band called Cocaine, the members of which resembled a terrifying cross-pollination  between Don Johnson circa 1989 and Perez Hilton (see documentation at left). The lead singer began throwing baby powder at the audience, at which point Bwog left. Later that night, The Stolen Cars were announced as the winners of the competition and they were invited to play again in the next round of the contest.

           – JNW


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  1. UGH  


  2. has gone too far  

    you're kidding, right? tell me your comment is representative of some new sort of meta-irony or something. come awwwnnnnn....

  3. Just

    what we need...another alt-shit-rock band...

  4. no poster

    three is right. the music these kids are putting out totally sucks. give me the beatles, the who, whatever over these fuckers any day.

    and don't come back with a wah wah, you just don't understand their music man. this is false. i get things, like modern art, and beat poetry, etc. etc.

    the new artists are hack imitators of the old.

    • alexw  

      Yeah, music "these days" totally blows. I'm a thirteen-year-old pseudo-intellectual who just found his parents' copy of Abbey Road in the basement. I thought, "Wow, none of the other kids I know listen to this, and I read a review online about how this was the greatest album ever! How can I go wrong!?"

      And don't come back with a "wah wah you just don't understand their music" because this is false: I believe that canonical and universally loved music is the only safe bet. I mean, when I completely lack a shred of taste or intellectual curiosity, how am I to determine what kind of art I should appreciate?

      • Maybe  

        and I mean just maybe, the music that is most popular over time is indeed the best? Perhaps, and I'm going out on a limb here, the reason it's so popular is that it's good, and not the other way around?

        Someone doesn't like the music you like and prefers the music most other people like. Instead of calling him a poser, maybe he's just normal. Stop being a pretentious prick.

        • invisible_hand

          maybe part of the reason it's so lauded is because it has had the time to generate "classic" status.
          not dipping my toe into the pond of hyperbole, i become truly annoyed when people lord their taste in old music over those who enjoy newer fare and justify it with nostalgia. i hate nostalgia so much.
          now don't get me wrong: i love the who and the kinks etc. as much as anyone (though i hold a public distaste for the beatles... or at least beatlemania, cuz somebody has to!).
          that hardly means there is no music of worth nowadays.
          here's the problem with all y'all logic, you atavists: you name two or three bands, a handful of albums, a number of songs and declare that the music of old far outweighs the new in terms of quality. here's the problem: you're cherry picking and ignoring all the shit. THERE WERE SO MANY SHITTY BANDS IN THE 60s AND 70s!!!!! but you don't mention those ones, because they have not survived the test of time.
          there are musical geniuses producing music right now. get your head out of your ass and give it a listen.

  5. BLARGH!  


  6. A Broad

    On a related note, Vampire Weekend played a huge gig in London last night and sold out completely the night before. Seems the guys have really made a big splash across the pond.

    Successful Columbians who actually graduated. Now THAT would be something.

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