But does he have a Jewish mother?

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Bwog mentioned the recent arrest of Ivalyo Ivanov, who admitted to a rash of anti-Jewish vandalism that occurred last September in Brooklyn Heights, in today’s QuickSpec.


But in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: Ivanov approached the police claiming to have been shot in the finger, but soon admitted that he had shot himself. When the justifiably suspicious officers searched his apartment, they discovered bloodstained walls and a stockpile of weapons that included a sawed-off shotgun, a crossbow, and several pipe bombs.

Columbia, which had its own problems with anti-Semitic graffiti last fall, was drawn into the controversy when the NY Sun claimed that Michael Clatts, Ivanov’s roommate, and an AIDS researcher currently in Vietnam, was a Columbia professor. Columbia’s administration debunked that when it informed the Spec that Clatts is not paid or employed by the school, and has only a “voluntary affiliation.”

So, Columbia is only vaguely in the picture, but here’s the coup de grace: Ivanov is Jewish, or claims to be, leading an unconvinced rabbi to question whether he has the proper matrilineal Jewish descent. Regardless of his religion, let’s be glad he’s in custody and away from his crossbow.



  1. Anonymous  

    What the problem is? Crossbows are for dweebs and weirdos. This guy is only a threat to himself and anyone who can be linked to him socially. Everyone knows modern day dragonmasters don't actually use their collectible medieval weaponry, except maybe to defend against sexual advances... although that's probably an infrequent problem.

  2. Anonymous  

    I realize that, I do. But I think the fact that he is the sort of person (dweeb, as I said before) that would own a crossbow renders him awkward and harmless. Crossbows are so random that, to me, the implications of the crossbow are greater than those of the pipe bombs or sawed-off shotgun.

    And I'm not necessarily trying to defend the accused, but it seems to me that the more modern and effective weapons could easily belong to that traveling, AIDS-researching roommate, who sounds like more of a cutting-edge man of the world... you know, someone who gets out of the house on Saturdays.

  3. emmet  


    Michael Clatts, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor

    google Michael Clatts columbia.edu

    and you get what does look like confirmation that he teaches here.

  4. let me get this

    straight.. you're telling me that if you walked into some loner guys place and saw twenty uzi's, a dozen pipe bombs and a grenade or two...all your suspicions would be put to rest if you saw a morningstar/battle axe in the corner?

    tell me something..is this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/09/Nichols2.jpg the face of an accomplice to mass murder or just a WoW enthusiast?

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