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The new East Campus elevator cabs have been a popular topic of discussion among the dorm’s residents (one is very shiny and very slow, and the other one still isn’t operational), but Bwog noticed another transportation snag just a few feet away.

Someone has switched the “Stair Up” and “Stair Down” signs on the EC highrise’s stairwell doors, resulting in several double takes, and double door openings, by students, parents, and assorted bystanders. One incredulous young man opened the “Stair Up” door, saw the stairs leading down to the basement, looked back at the sign and defiantly announced, “This is the stair up” several times before walking away in disgust.


  1. what should you  

    do if everyone in the elevator always gives you creepy looks?

    Take the stares!

  2. Anonymous  

    Who are they going to trust, the signs or their own eyes?

  3. this  

    is just one more step along the way of making EC into that one Escher painting...

  4. They voted Bush.  

    The signs.

  5. NYDoT  

    Obey the signs or you will go to jail!

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