A Deeeeluxe Apartment in the Sky

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Until this week, the Wallach Skylounge’s zippy name was its only appeal to studiers in search of space. It was notorious for its smell – a dank bouquet of mouse droppings and sweat – and its furniture – one backless couch and a couple of spinecurlingly low tables. But Housing has worked its magic and transformed the attic-dungeon into something new and sparkly. For the scavengers among us, some old furniture may be left in the Wallach basement.

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The room’s excessive heating requires open windows and flying fans, even in January.  And lo, there are lights!  And rolly-comfy chairs!  And garbage cans!












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  1. not dumb  

    for people who live in wallach

  2. better than  

    ec elevator nonsense

  3. did...  

    the elevator get smaller in hamilton??

  4. ex-wallacher

    that shit always gets stolen

  5. schapiro  

    the first floor lounge in schapiro has new chairs and sofas. they even have cushions.

  6. Erf

    Wallach's sky lounge has been disgusting, with that incredibly foul smell, for at least five years now. It's about time it was renovated.

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