Call for Opening Remarks

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“You need to attend a concert. A classical concert. No…” [strokes chin] “No Spice Girls. I know, they’re coming here next week, but it’s all sold out—but they added another show, but that’s sold out too. Anyway, you’re all too old for that stuff.”

–Carl Bettendorf, Music Humanities



  1. j.s. bach  

    carl is a god among men

  2. But  

    he's nothing compared to Amber's lax grading system

  3. heh heh  

    Dr. Barclay Morrison asked our Quantitative Physiology II class how many of us were planning on going to medical school. Only about 6 people in a class of 90 Biomedical Engineers raised their hand...

    "That's Bullshit." -Dr. Barclay Morrison III

  4. Oh Carl  

    I love Carl. He is also one of the worst conductors of all time.

  5. sigh  

    carl bettendorf is a dreamboat. god bless that man.

  6. Jeff Koberstein  

    "Male-male interactions are repulsive".*

    *Completely out of context

  7. I should add  

    The class was Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II.

  8. Yeah  

    Bettendorf! I'm posting this from his Music Hum class right now! Funny, funny man.

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