1. ...  

    i would like to take this oppportunity to point out that columbia dining services charges ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS for a hersheys bar.

    i think, quite possibly, that if you heart candy and heart not being broke, you might be better off getting candy somewhere cheaper... like the nearest movie theater.

    what the fuck is it with this school? dining services at most schools are subsidized, apparently here they're a profit center...

    • I concur!  

      I like the Sushi that's 160% the price of equivalent rolls at M2M. That's quality.

    • Well  

      When I worked retail, we sold Hershey bars and they were $1.50, so this is probably the real suggested price, because the store I worked at pretty much only sold at the suggested price. So though the Columbia Hershey bar seems expensive, it may just be that the other Hershey bars are just cheap!

      • gag me

        you are an asshat. the retail price of hershey bars are a dollar fifty? who the fuck are you? candy shouldn't be sold for more than 80 cents. anything more is a rip off. 65 isn't bad. fifty is steal. you can get a case of hershey bars at wal-mart for like 45 cent each.

        you know who has cheap candy? the fucking brits. i remember crunchies for like 25p retail. and that was when the pound was like a buck fifty.

        shame on you, 1.50 is the suggested retail price.

      • when  

        when you worked "retail?" where the fuck did you work that sold a 1.50 candy bar? candy bars are not sold at places that would justify you saying you worked retail anyway. fuckin candy bars...

  2. I Wonder  

    What's the reasoning behind 212/Ferris? Stuff that's not branded (like the sushi) could be in response to simply not having every food space be owned by McDonald's or Starbucks or whatever.

    Why stuff like a Hershey's Bar is expensive is sort of beyond me though.

  3. srsly?  

    Only green M&M's... well that's just precious. Barf.

  4. Matthew K. Tabor


  5. Milton S. Hershey  

    Thank you for your overwhelming support of my earliest, most prized creation. Your money goes towards the uptake of my Pennsylvania town, its chocolate river, and my chocolate mansion.

    Willy Wonka, if you are reading this, I will buy you out. Do you hear me? I will buy you out. I did it to Reese. Oh, and I did it to that Heath guy. You better have some great glass balls to resist my purchasing power. I WILL OWN YOU, WONKA!

  6. well i have  

    to admit. every time i refresh bwog and see that image, it conjurs up strange feelings within me. it's cute... in fact, i really do kinda heart candy, me + candy actually does kinda equal BFF. it's 2:15am and i don't have my cherry gummi hearts... CHERRY GUMMI HEARTS WHERE ARE YOU? WHY DON'T YOU ANSWER MY TEXT MESSAGES?

  7. okay

    three out of four of these last comments were extremely weak attempts at making "Bwog's favorite comments" sidebar

  8. L. S. Heath  

    I believe he was talking about me and my Heath bar.

  9. I think  

    candy conversation hearts are really gross.

  10. Yeah  

    I wanted to eat some cereal this afternoon, and I was in Lerner, so I headed to 212 to get some milk. A fucking PINT of milk (in the fancy plastic "chug" container) was a bloody dollar and fifty cents; I got a whole quart of milk at Morton for $1.29 + tax.

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