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In light of yesterday’s startling revelation about the $1.59 price tag on a Hershey’s bar, Bwog decided to do a little comparative shopping.

The same Hershey bar can be purchased for just 75 cents at the kiosk on 116th and Broadway. In fact, while candy prices at 212 skyrocket upwards of $2 for Reese’s candy hearts, prices are stable at the kiosk, where all candy is just 75 cents. Gum also retails for $1.25 at the kiosk and $1.49 at 212.

On the ethnic food front, a California Roll at 212 is $5.99 and a Spicy Shrimp Roll will set you back an unbelievable $6.79. The same rolls at m2m go for $3.50 and $4.50, respectively. 212’s bubble teas are also roughly the same prices as Swish’s.

Orange juice proves the most egregiously over-priced 212 item. A 15 fl. oz. bottle of OJ is $2.25, while at Morton Williams it’s just $1.59.  In fact, a 64 fl. oz. bottle of Tropicana OJ at MoWi is only $3.99—that’s 6.2 cents an ounce. At 212 you’re paying 15 cents/an ounce.

UPDATE 1:39 PM: Brownies, (the Avery basement cafe), has reportedly raised most of their sandwich prices by a dollar, a tipster reports.

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  1. cafeteria food  

    Thank-you for making note of this. Indeed, the problem with these on-campus food locations is not so much the quality (although it isn't spectacular), but the ridiculous pricing.

  2. comparison  

    For roughly $7, you can have a full meal at Ollie's or Swish, but only a mediocre sandwich at one of the campus cafes.

    • yes  

      but can you put it on dining dollars?

      • yes

        but can't you convince your parents (who may well be paying for both anyway) that it's a better investment to give you money so you can buy cheaper, better food across the street from campus, rather than gross, overpriced food on campus?

        or will they just assume all you do is buy beer anyway. let's wait until off-campus flex to find out!

  3. dear bwog...  

    you're starting to get really boring...so much so that you make ivygate look good. please improve.

  4. mec

    no way, 212 overprices? and next you're going to tell me that a john jay buffet isn't really worth the $12.50 you pay for it when you break it down.

    take the class of '12 off the above the crease articles, please

  5. Hmm  

    I think it's a good article. A more thorough investigation would be welcome - eg: chips in vending machines. I actually did get a response from Dining when I bitched them out about raising prices of stuff sold in vending machines.

  6. skewed  

    there are two california rolls in a package from 212. there is only one in a package from m2m. uh, i think that makes columbia cheaper. i agree with the argument but there are definitely better examples to use.

  7. good work  

    i'm very glad that bwog is reporting on this.

  8. Other raises  

    Apple Tree market raised the prices of most of their deli sandwiches as well. By my memory, most sandwiches are $0.50 to $1 more expensive.

    There goes my cheap sandwich spot.

  9. good work again  

    As I posted to another thread, Pinnacle raised everything on the menu anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar.

  10. Also in "IDK" thread  

    I wanted to eat some cereal this afternoon, and I was in Lerner, so I headed to 212 to get some milk. A fucking PINT of milk (in the fancy plastic "chug" container) was a bloody dollar and fifty cents; I got a whole quart of milk at Morton for $1.29 + tax.

  11. dollars

    Don't forget those tiny packages of jelly-beans or chex-mix that they sell for several dollars, or those tiny little gourmet sandwiches from Zabar, or the Starbucks coffee, or the assortment of over-priced soft drinks and gourmet bottled waters in Butler. Campus dining seems to think that students want a poor imitation of Au Bon Pain. That's what happens when you have a semi-monopoly.

  12. avery  

    Worse yet Avery killed my beloved soup and half-sandwich for $6.50 deal, which is disgraceful.

  13. on sushi  

    the m2m sushi is much worse though, plus it's smaller than the 212 sushi. oh, and can you check the price on carry-out pasta elsewhere? hm? i thought so.

  14. Adam Smith

    As long as there are enough buyers to warrant the higher prices it is not exactly a rip off.

    The premium you are paying is for the ability to purchase it in a more central location which more students visit on a regular basis. If you want to cross the street you save a couple bucks. You're effectively paying that premium of a couple bucks to not cross the street. I really wouldn't say this is unfair. It's more a matter of shopper beware.

  15. Smith

    It really is the opposite of free enterprise.

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