QuickSpec: Triumphs and Let-Downs Edition

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Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are showing theirs off, but Columbia is underendowed 

When you’ve finished your CTV marathon, switch to this!

Snoop Dogg: proponent of Lazy Sundays or ambitious multitasking?

Over winter break, women’s basketball goes 1-4, and they still got more done than you did.

And next year, the swim team is recruiting Frederick Douglass, Columbus, and St. Nicholas! 

Also, a QuickRichmondPost-Dispatch

Columbia does something admirable, and the New York Sun is nowhere to be found.




  1. what's with  

    the napkins in john jay? Mine had a turkey and a clock on it!

  2. not sure  

    how enrolling lots of black students is in and of itself an admirable end.

    however, this is great ammo for those of us tired of shrill protests with ridiculous demands...

  3. Hmm  

    "Frederick Lee, SEAS ’11, agreed. “As a person who is upper-middle class, I wasn’t offered much financial aid,” he said. “I’m not satisfied with the current plan.”"

    This is probably a fair quote on Frederick's part. But why is it my instinct to be repulsed whenever one classifies him or herself as 'upper-middle class'?

  4. Oy Vey  

    "the decision to not extend financial aid is an issue of commitment [by Columbia to its students]"

    No honey, it's an issue of them having a lot more money for undergraduate students than we do. And the Dartmouth arguement is poor. Not only does dartmouth a) have fewer undergraduates than Columbia (4,000 vs. 7,000), they also b) have only 1,000 grad students, as opposed to 15,000.

  5. becuase  

    "But why is it my instinct to be repulsed whenever one classifies him or herself as 'upper-middle class'?"

    Because people who refer to themselves as upper middle class should really just drop the middle.

  6. The King of Spain  

    Peasants, all of you!

  7. Anonymous

    new snoop dogg album = awful.

  8. dammit

    why does columbia fail at everything? it's not one of the top-tier Ivies, it has shitty financial aid, no one cares about it, the school runs like shit... ugh... i hate it.

    • hold on

      It's not HPY, but I wouldn't want to be at any other ivy.

      Don't get too down. It could be worse. You could be at Cornell.

    • whoa  

      like, every single bwog entry devolves into 'fuck, why am I not at Yale or Princeton? Fuck. fuck."

      how many folk here are at columbia because he or she heard of its name mentioned once in reverence, and they wanted that in connection with him or herself for the rest of his or her life? is that why we're not at all Berkeley or Michigan or Grinnell or Middlebury? Really?

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