Stiglitz quietly takes over the media

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Economics Prof. Joseph Stiglitz (who has recently filled in, on occasion, for Nicholas Kristof on his New York Times blog) may be January’s most-quoted man — and he’s well on the way to claiming the same role in February. On Wednesday, he wrote a guest column in the Times preaching economic gloom, offering a suggestion to address pretty much every economic problem America is [potentially] facing. He also appeared on Monday in the Times of London (Day of Reckoning in the US Glasshouse) and, earlier in the month, in the Guardian (Stagflation Cometh). The winning quote? Describing the Fed’s recent rate cuts as “pushing on a piece of string.”

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  1. WTF

    The long-run value of all fiat currency is zero. Buy gold.

  2. Why are so  

    many economists drug dealers?

    They're supplyin' da man!

  3. optimistic  

    his beard is going to look pretty stubbly when the US narrowly escapes recession, yet again, this year. Hooray for free market capitalism and the powers of creative destruction!

  4. Hey  

    So regarding this economic stimulus package, apparently all Americans are going to get a check in the mail. But what about taxpaying non-Americans, who have been generously propping up your GDP and keeping you employed? Surely we are more deserving of this money than unemployed hipsters?

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