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Vampire WeekendColumbia’s current favorite sons, Vampire Weekend, seem to be doing pretty well for themselves lately. With their full-length album coming out in three days and two sold-out shows at Bowery Ballroom kicking off a national tour next week. “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” was Rolling Stone‘s 67th best song of the year, and a snarky Pitchfork review can’t be more than two weeks in coming, considering the backlash that we’ve seen — without an album even having been released!

On the local front, Columbian Jared Hecht passed along his interview with the group, over at Jambands. The phrase “Upper West Side Soweto” appears more than once.

(If you still haven’t heard VW, there are some pretty good free samples on Daytrotter.)

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  1. Also  

    There are a couple of videos featured on La Blogotheque's Les Concerts a Emporter page right now.

  2. Anonymous

    Jared Hecht has shitty taste in music.

  3. And  

    they're playing Coachella! Too bad the overall lineup isn't great enough to persuade me to go back again this year.

  4. Anonymous  

    Are you their PR bitches or something bwog? I don't really care that someone who once knew someone who may have had a cousin who slept with a dude who went to Columbia has a band, and I speak for everyone who doesn't know these people personally.

  5. ...  

    coachella fucking sucks this year...

  6. '11  

    Why no mention of the fact that they were filming a music video on campus (even in John Jay dining hall!!) over winter break?

  7. Anonymous

    GQ had an article about them as well. Go Ezra & co.!

  8. their vocals  

    need more tech support or something.

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