What In The World Is In That Bag? What You Got In That Bag?

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Bwog is totes jealous of this tipster, who recently discovered another reason why
Westside is superior to Morton Williams:

“Yesterday, I went shopping at West Side Market. Apparently, if you buy a certain amount of stuff, you get a free WestSide tote/grocery bag. There are signs at each register encouraging you to use these bags instead of their plastic bags to reduce waste. But then instead of appropriately reducing waste by putting my groceries in that tote bag, the cashier put all my food in plastic bags. Then she put my tote bag in another bag and handed it to me. Truly visionary environmentalism.”

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  1. it's  

    a step in the right direction!

  2. In China  

    they charge you for the use of plastic bags over paper bags. Ha!

  3. fyi  

    morton williams does/did the same thing - they offer black totes with their logo if you spend a certain amount of money. i got one a few months ago

  4. I got one

    at WSM too. I figured it was a standard deal for spending a certain amount, but I guess it's a new thing? They only put my raw meats in a plastic bag and then in the tote, which makes sense.

  5. cyang  

    How much do you need to spend to get the free bag?

  6. Ludacri$

    What in the world is in that ROOM, what you got in that ROOM?

  7. in soviet russia  

    they suffocate you with plastic bags in a back alley and then shoot your mother in the babymaker. but, you know, only on holidays

  8. Anonymous  

    Not to drag on this environmental policy comparison too long, but in San Francisco, grocery stores aren't legally allowed to give you plastic bags- just paper or totes allowed. Of course, in this month's SF local election, there's a proposition asking if the city should buy Alcatraz from the federal government to make it into a "Global Peace Center" (apparently the current prison there has too much negative energy), so questions about San Franciscans' sanity are valid. But the no plastic bag policy does seem pretty smart and environmentally forward.

  9. what do you  

    call it when you get 144 items from the market?


  10. plastic hater  

    There are gigantic floating islands of plastic the size of Texas in our oceans. Plastic is awful.

  11. green

    i like the tote idea. it would make me really happy, if people start using totes and say no to plastic and paper at the checkout line.

  12. green

    it would also be super if people gave up plastic water bottles.

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