1. why?  

    how is this at all relevant to what bwog covers?

  2. obama

    "the time for come has changed"

    thank god hillary will end this parade of false hopes come super tuesday.

  3. huh?  

    why is this on here? thanks for the naked partisanship, bwog.

    it's also great how obama wants to be the anti-establishment candidate yet trumpets as his biggest endorsement that of ted kennedy, who has been a senator since he was given it as his birthright in 1960. and for him to praise caroline with 'courage.' what courage? everything she's ever gotten has been from her last name. and patrick kennedy was last in the news for sending himself to rehab after hitting a parked police car on capitol hill. obama's better than this, but his politics-of-change message is hurt by events like this.

  4. To prepare

    For a Communist, err, Democratic government which will go on the biggest government splurge since the New Deal (and even then, the dollar wasn't fiat), I'd buy every single ounce of gold I can get my hands on. And silver. And iron ore. And other commodities.

  5. ugh  

    sick of this obama business, really.

  6. epb  

    Ted Kennedy talks about the American dream. Is that the one where you kill a woman and get off light because you're political royalty?

  7. son  

    "thank god hillary will end this parade of false hopes come super tuesday."

    You sure?


  8. Let's see...  

    ...if I can embed this shit...

  9. also  


    If Hillary Clinton is a voice of change, Britney Spears is sane. THE END.

    Hillary Clinton suxxx kthxbye.

  10. Geez...  

    Get the man a cough drop. Shoulda asked Patrick for a hit.

  11. alexw  


  12. alexw  


  13. Anonymous  

    No way I'm going to vote for a guy named B. Hussein Obama.

  14. The King of Spain  

    Why is everyone so down on inheriting things from their fathers. It's done pretty well for me.

  15. Alum

    FWIW, Caroline Kennedy graduated from the Law School in 1987.

  16. unsure  

    I think their policy differences are minor, except on foreign policy, and Barack is less experienced but more likely to get things done. Hillary would be a great president though. Tough call.

  17. DHI  

    There's no way I'm voting for somebody named Gravel unless he uses Gravel Pit as his campaign song

  18. srb  

    i want to shoot myself when i see these campaign videos, i hate every candidate equally, go blow it out your ass ted kennedy, this country is going to shit, and it is sad.

  19. Yes  

    i'm all for Obama, but Kennedy's speech isn't really all that interesting. if you're interested in the revival of rhetoric in american politics look at Obama's SC victory speech - his best speech yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iVAPH_EcmQ

  20. alum

    did Obama go to Columbia or something?

  21. did we...  

    make it clear that you are a bigot?

  22. (ps)  

    in reference to #22

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