QuickSpec: Strong, Beautiful Women (and Men!) Edition

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It’s a Harvard professor named Debora Spar (more to come soon) 

Chuck Norris Fact #401: He will not hesitate to sue your sorry ass

Why Columbia may have to allow ROTC back on campus next year

An exhibition on female printmakers in the Wallach Art Gallery is worth it, but only if the weather’s cold

This article promises a justification for hedonism, but also “long-ish thought experiments.” Bwog skipped to the end and stuffed its face with Count Chocula 

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  1. wtf  

    Is Bwog high? I think it is about time Bwog passes all posts through a proof reader before putting them up.

    ps - I'm digging the American Gladiator pic.

  2. re ROTC  

    The difference between MIT and Columbia is that MIT is a land-grant university, and it is also obligated in its charter to have ROTC/military instruction.

    Yet another case of Spec sucking.

  3. pigs fly!  

    Columbia students support the ROTC back on campus!? Gasp!

  4. philosophy...  

    I'd just like to say, for the record, that Ballou's article was probably the best thing I've seen in the Spectator my entire 4 years here, barring a few particularly poignant senior columns..

  5. Question

    If Columbia bans ROTC because the DADT policy is seen as discriminatory against gays and therefore in violation of the University's Anti-Discrimination policy, shouldn't the University also ban the Red Cross which CLEARLY DOES discriminate against gays by not permitting them to donate blood?

  6. Confused

    Can someone explain what this sentence even means?

    "Columbia should look to the example set by MIT, which reimburses the Department of Defense on behalf of students removed from ROTC due to their sexual orientation."

    Maybe I'm just not well-versed in how the ROTC works, but I can't make any sense out of that.

    • This way  

      if you get kicked out of ROTC due to sexual orientation, the military won't bill you for what they've been spending on your education [which is like being punished twice for being gay - getting kicked out of the program and being expected to reimburse the DOD]

  7. nope  

    It's not discrimination if you don't refuse them anything meaningful.

  8. Curious  

    Are there are any Columbia students who actually oppose ROTC on campus?

    Now I'm sure there are because this school has a ton of nutjobs who don't mind their own business. So are there any Columbia students who oppose ROTC on campus for a good reason?

  9. meh  

    Columbia should not allow the Catholic priests to say daily mass since Catholicism is anti-gay.

  10. Spec is insane  

    check out


    Why is the military in an "entirely different category altogether? Sounds like fascism to me.

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