1020 Recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Serving Alcohol

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A tipster alumnus points out this article in the Village Voice from last week in which local writers name their favorite writer-y watering holes. The Sabotage Cafe author Joshua Furst selected Columbia standby 1020, and explained: “Not that many bars in the city where you can talk about Foucault for two hours.”

Of course, while actual conversation at 1020 is less Foucault and more fou-cking, Bwog offers accolades to the bar for making the cut.


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  1. 234232  

    Foucault and Fou-cking need not be mutually exclusive.

    • wirc  

      A friend's parent went to a Foucault lecture at NYU in the early 1980s, and was dismayed to find him late that morning. He apparently staggered in hungover and still dressed for the leather bar he had been at the previous night... so yes he probably would have encouraged fou-cking after thoroughly pretentious discussion - though never as a consequence of it.

  2. ...  

    the atmosphere at 1020 is kinda like tau kappa epsilon goes to grad school.

  3. Ugh  

    “less Foucault and more fou-cking”

    That’s just awful.

  4. Inspired  

    By Mr. Patterson's piece at Kilmer?

    "The bedroom, like Jean Baudrillard, is depressing
    And when we Foucault, there's a lot of confusion.
    She often will still be rephrasing the question
    By the time I have already reached my conclusion."

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