QuickSpec: A “Spar”kling New President Edition

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Debora Spar, pioneer of the economics of fertility, loves babies

How does one transform the face of the Barnard woman?

Columbia is a national treasure, and Barnard is its jewel.

Ted Kennedy’s new best friend still hates his alma mater.

How do you cure administrative schizophrenia?

Next time you think about getting a haircut, consider splitting hairs.

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  1. Well  

    If I were a public figure running for office, I'd probably avoid my controversy-ridden Alma Mater too.

  2. Spar Quote  

    "I think 20 years ago I would have told you that I don’t think we need women’s colleges anymore because if you can go to Columbia, why go to Barnard?"

  3. Did  

    Quindlen really just compare Spar to pornography in the interview?

  4. Alum

    What's with all the overwraught, cliched and just-plain-awful writing in Spec these days? Here are some samples just from today's issue:

    "As the Nexus building transforms the face of Barnard’s campus, Debora Spar will join the ranks of Millicent McIntosh, Ellen Futter, and Judith Shapiro to transform the face of the Barnard woman." [Stylistic issues aside, is Spar really going to perform reconstructive facial surgery on Barnard students?]

    "Barnard announced the appointment of Spar . . . during a moment of institutional soul-searching." [Why is there more soul-searching now than at other times -- or at least during a typical presidential search?]

    "In the coming months, Debora Spar will have to find her identity at Barnard and, in so doing, help Barnard better define its own." [I get the sense that Spar has already found her identity.]

    Even proper grammar sometimes goes out the window at Spec, as in this statement: "Spar was awarded for her teaching skills throughout her time at Harvard . . ." Presumably Spar isn't actually an award but rather the recipient of one or more awards. Awards are awarded, but receipients of awards are honored.

    I could go on, but it's too depressing.

  5. louis david  

    lol I also had an EXTREME haircut at that salon- as if an invisible bowl was on my head and my hair was chopped around it.

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