Concert Dispatch: Marilyn Manson

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In which Courtney Douds communes with the poet of misspent suburban youth.

I predict this to be the least ironic post ever written for Bwog.

This past Tuesday, I attended the first of two concerts given by the band Marilyn Manson and their infamous frontman of the same name at the Hammerstein Ballroom. And though he played a fairly long set, I could have handled having my upper body crushed by a thousand people for ten more hours for him to perform his whole repertoire. I went as a princess of darkness, with black eyeliner, bright blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick smeared across my face.

Manson is old enough to be my Daddy, but he is at his physical and sexual peak. He wore a black tank top with a white ribcage print and magenta eye makeup. During the new single “Heart-Shaped Glasses,” Manson walked behind a mannequin of his current girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, lifted up her skirt and sang to her ass a bit, rubbing his face in it. Then he decapitated the dummy and serenaded the severed head.

For his grand finale, Manson performed “Antichrist Superstar” from a pulpit, flailing like a possessed marionette. Then he pulled out the Bible and lit it on fire. But contrary to perceptions of violence and hatred in his music, the concert was a place of harmony and acceptance. I had been a little bit worried for my safety going to the show, but the crowd lovingly picked up each fallen mosher.

After returning to Columbia, I woke up half my suite by blasting Marilyn Manson at two in the morning. I was coated in my own and other people’s sweat. I felt like a goddess. I could have pole danced naked for of a room full of strangers. I spent yesterday daydreaming through my classes about sitting on Manson’s lap, licking his teeth, having him smear his lipstick all over my neck. Seriously.

 The author before (l) and after (r) the show.  Photos by Alexandra Muhler.

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  1. oh wow  

    I would commend you for your bravery in writing this, knowing, as you must, that you are going to get ripped to shreds by the commentators here.... but this is Marilyn Mansion we're talking about. I mean, can you get more pathetic? Was Insane Clown Posse sold out?

  2. What the?  

    I'm going to ignore the fact that this "review" is discussing a Marilyn Manson.

    First off, where the hell is the review? All I see is a masturbatory attempt by the author to yell to Columbia students, "Look at me! While you hipsters are enjoying your 'indie bands,' I am a part of a REAL counter culture! LUV U MARILYN!!!111oneonelimx->0sinx/x"

    Please tell me this is a joke. Posting your picture? Is this even real, or have I mysteriously been sent back in time to middle school?

  3. ouch  

    brave? maybe, for posting her picture. id def never even admit to liking marilyn manson let alone post on bwog

  4. oh dear god  

    And her facebook picture is also in that makeup.

  5. uimm  

    What. the fuckery.

  6. dissenter  

    i guess im the only one who laughed and thought this was kind of good. granted no review but she sounds funny. take it easy guys, maybe dont try and crush every bwog posters self esteem?

  7. penises  

    giant, green penises.

  8. nah!  

    This was cool. I don't like Marilyn Manson, but it was a good post. Just throwing my two cents in.

  9. haha  

    i thought this was actually kind of funny. nice post.

  10. fantastic  

    finally a break from the pseudo self-conscience hipster shit that bwog usually publishes. not much of a review but at least it's different.

  11. observant  

    "Manson is old enough to be my Daddy, but he is at his physical and sexual peak."


  12. am i the only one  

    who prefers irony over cringe-worthy, 8th grade-caliber sincerity?

  13. geez  

    the snarky comments never disappoint. Give the girl a break, at least she's not pretentious, ironic and wannabe hipster like all the other posters in Bwog.

  14. bwog...  

    you are going to the shits

  15. ...  

    i was amused.

    it was endearingly wacky, unlike that toolio that posted a few weeks ago "look at me.. i hang out on the lower east side! i'm the biggest tool on earth.. i walk around with my shirt unbuttoned!!"

  16. respect  

    respect to the poster. respect to the commenters.

  17. emmm  

    Interesting that it's not even a review. More of a proof-of-concept? Can Bwog get away with this?

  18. ummm  

    It's like Bwog is now dabbling in meta-irony or something.

  19. ergtbftgdf6  

    dfjaiset fuck irony. lets get into post death sons thats what i mean

  20. REPEAT  

    this is really awkward. However, considering that I'm drunk, I like it.

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