Greenwich Village Is Cramping NYU’s Style

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Turns out we’re not the only Manhattan university looking to expand.  According to Washington Square News, NYU has proposed adding 6 million square feet to its campus, and is looking outside the Village for about half of that space.  The current candidate neighborhoods are Midtown, Northwestern Brooklyn, and, most intriguingly, Governor’s Island, the perpetually-redesigned, super-historical former military base on the banks of the charmingly-named Buttermilk Channel.  No word yet on who NYU’s plans will be displacing.

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  1. bahahaha  

    Why don't they expand into China? Their "campus" is fragmented enough anyway.

    Or they should just relocate into Morton Williams, and make an early start to bagging our groceries.

  2. The  

    This will be difficult and expensive considering how much of that island is landmarked.

  3. Alum

    Several years ago when New York was trying to figure out how to use Governors Island (the feds agreed to sell it to the state for $1 if the state could come up with a worthwhile plan for it), Columbia and NYU proposed to jointly develop as housing for faculty and graduate students. Presumably Columbia would have operated a water shuttle from the Island to 125th Street, though I suppose they might have expected students to take the subway from lower Manhattan.

  4. Hey  

    Downtown Brooklyn is not Northwestern Brooklyn. I thought you were saying NYU was expanding into Williamsburg. (The campus, I mean... everyone I know at NYU lives in Brooklyn anyway.)

  5. ...  

    my money is on brooklyn. it would be more expensive, but ferry service? come on, that's absurd. (and potentially more expensive to have recurring ferry operation expenses as opposed to a higher initial cap-ex.)

    there are bits in downtown brooklyn that are in a bit of disrepair (metrotech, anyone?) and if the merger with polytechnic actually goes through, then they'll have a substantial presence there already...

    besides, grenwich village and downtown brooklyn campuses? would be pretty sweet...

    ultimately though, i think it's very important to keep things from spreading out. disparate locations result in a fractured administration and everyone knows how streamlined, sleek and resistant to fracturing and inefficiency the wonderful field of academic administration is...

  6. Yeck

    When I first glanced at that photo I thought it was the blob of goo that tries to turn Spider Man evil in the third movie.

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