QuickSpec: Change Is in the Air Edition

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Change the country or change from Mister to Madam President?

Pray that these curriculum-changers won’t need a hunger strike

Barnard’s hole in the ground now has stuff in it!

But Alexander Hamilton’s house is about to become a hole in the ground

A concerned citizen attacks Spec’s “faux-journalistic exactitude“.  What would he call Bwog?


and a QuickReuters: Fat to Fit Edition

Other vaguely Columbia-related news on the mind-body problem



  1. I  

    "faux-journalistic" really does describe the spec accurately, wouldn't you say?

  2. Come on Bwog  

    Your headline about the 'concerned citizen' is actually a great article against ROTC on campus, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the headline.

  3. ugh  

    Yeah, I definitely think the best way to respond to "faux-journalism" is by writing a letter to the editor that's completely up its own ass. Really, anyone who uses the word "problematize" must be trying their damndest to sound like a pretentious philosophy TA.

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