Friday YouTube Roundup

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It’s raining. You’re not going outside. Good thing we’ve got a bunch of videos shot on the campus in sunlight.

1. You never thought you’d see a homemade Radiohead video shot in John Jay. Well, OK, maybe you did:

2. A poetry reading at the Sundial in 1987. The fashions — they’re unbelievable!

3. Lastly, we have a middle-aged man ranting about last month’s “living room full of weapons” in what appears to be his own living room, although the giant mike indicates differently.

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  1. Viewer

    That's nice. And I love to see the campus when the grass is green.

  2. Yummy

    Who's the fuckable tonguing dude on Pitter's John Jay Raw video?

  3. this sucks

    That first video fucking blew

  4. Re: Video 1  

    What an empty room...or was that the purpose of the video? A.O. Scott would be proud.

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