1. You know what  

    I really liked the eye this time around. Don't hate too hard.

  2. OMG

    That first article makes me ill. "I am not pretentious but here is a long, bragging list of all my pretensions." Jezus.

    "not just because my new rectangular glasses are complete with an updated prescription"

    I feel dirty.

    • Anonymous  

      But it was snarky and ironic, see? You're totally allowed to never stop being pretentious as long as you poke fun of yourself for it.

      • anti-rjt  

        here's a snarky and ironic thing about rob trump: rob trump is a fat, depressing mole king that never learned how to properly wipe himself.

        rob trump is so pretentious that he pokes fun at himself because he believes it will increase his hilarity except- here's a quarter, buy a clue - it totally won't.

        rob trump is a box of death.

        rob trump is chicken pox on your eye.

        rob trump is a crayola crayon you never use because it is terrible.

  3. does  

    anyone know what's going in Low tonight? Winter wonderland?

  4. a guess

    Something having to do with the Chinese New Year?

  5. Anonymous  

    I don't think any of you actually know what it means to have pretenses.

  6. EAL  

    Regarding the cover article for The Eye, I think Amanda brings up an excellent point about Columbia alumni: Why DON'T we have any pride for our alma mater? This isn't something restricted to Barack Obama; I've seen it in many Columbia students now and after they graduate. Is it because Columbia, for some odd reason, does not have the same "awe value" as Yale or Princeton do, even when it has academic programs just as good? (frankly I don't know why that is) Is it because our sports teams are mired in mediocrity? The article did a good job identifying the problem, but it did not offer any good solutions as to how to remedy it.

    Between Mark Holden and Chris Kulawik's columns in last Monday and Wednesday's Spec and this article, I'm glad my fellow students are taking the initiative to examine the problem Columbia historically has had in its alumni relations.

  7. hahaa

    i dont know rob trump but the "chicken pox in your eye" statement was hilarious.

    also i do believe its the fact that we dont have an "awe" factor, which totally sucks coz we're great.

  8. alex  

    you arent pretentious because of anything you do. you are pretentious because that's what you are.

  9. ohhh  

    sorry. by "you" i mean "one," "a person," "somebody," etc. more of an essence - existence problem i guess - a very pretentious one at that.

  10. yes  

    I refuse to read the Eye until they fix the website format so as to be legible. It's still one bar down the side of the screen. I hope to god it's not an intentional "design" scheme.

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