Phi Beta Kappa Announced

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An anonymous tipster forwarded Bwog an invitation to the PBK initiation ceremony (and reception!) on February 4th in Low. Hypothetically, if you have a 3.4 and you’re forwarded an invitation, that does mean you’re welcome to attend, yes?

Complete list of this year’s inductees after the jump.









Jason Bello

Devika Bhushan

Thomas Dumitrescu

Geoffrey Fudenberg

Julia Kalow

Thomas Langer

Jeremy Lopez

George Olive

Andrew Ollett

Maxim Pinkovskiy

Jack Porter

Hans Renata 

Jason Resnikoff

Margie Rosebrock

Shoshana Schwartz

Lauren Schy

Jonathan Siegel

Julian Smith Newman

Matthew Spinelli

Sarah Wansley

Rodrigo Zamora 



  1. ???  

    Is that it? About 20 people?

    And isn't 3.4 somewhat low?

  2. Smartest Floor  

    Three from John Jay 5! Crazy!

  3. woo  

    Congrats everyone!

    For me, I'm being inducted into the hallowed halls of mediocrity. wahoo!

  4. More importantly

    How many of them have been B&W Campus Characters?

    I'm pretty sure Max has been.

    Also, #1? PBK's first induction is typically the top 2% of the class strictly by gpa. Another 8%, based on GPA and other factors, will be inducted in May during Commencement Week. (http://www.wikicu.com/Commencement_Week )

  5. jason resnikoff  

    is a God.

  6. Shoddy Research  

    Bwog, please look at your PBK story from last year, and do some more research.

  7. question

    are you eligible for PBK if you study abroad junior year?

  8. i love  

    rodrigo zamora. congrats!

  9. ...

    Any word on the cut-off GPA for this?

  10. Jon  

    I think there is probably some kind of large systematic problem with the way PBK is chosen that the gender ratios are so incredible skewed. I'm doubtful that GPA's alone would justify it.

  11. So...

    Thomas Dumitrescu and Geoffrey Fudenberg are both Rabi Scholars. Who's your money on for Valedictorian?

  12. mello  

    Yay for J(ack)D Porter!

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