1. Bob Kraft  

    I hate all of you.

  2. Anonymous  

    And the 72 Dolphins remain unattainable above the football pantheon.

  3. Bob Kraft

    at least my patriots win games, unlike some other football team that I keep pumping millions of dollars into

  4. wait

    was the super bowl tonight? i knew i missed something.

  5. wait again  

    The packers didn't play in the Superbowl. Also, that's not Eli Manning.

    • jpm  

      gah, seriously bwog, you're so ridic. got a big case of 'too hip to care' i guess...

      as usual choosing not to watch resulted in the best outcome. i always curse any football game i witness. i'm probably the reason why columbia's record has been so shitty the past 4 years, to think on it...

    • You Should Know  

      That's Lawrence Tynes, the Giants kicker after his overtime FG against the Packers.

      The other Giant, whose name you can see, is Jeff Feagles, the punter/place kick holder. He actually turns 42 years old in a month.

      These helpful facts are brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Giants fan.

  6. wait one more time  

    Fuck the Giants

  7. BradyBunch

    Suck this GIANT Cock!

  8. ANGRY Gnome  

    The giants suck!!! However, the patriots must suck more. I hate both teams, and I wanted them both to lose.

  9. Anonymous  

    Wrong wrong wrong. You missed a great game if you didn't watch it. This was the best Super Bowl in years.

    But...yeah. I'm not sure why they took a picture from the NFC Championship.

  10. anti-rjt  

    rob trump is a disappointing super bowl.

    rob trump is a disappointing bowl of cereal.

    rob trump is a disappointing serial number.

  11. wow  

    that was an incredible game.

  12. Veritas

    I can't wait for the Superbowl parade on Tuesday.

    This is a sign -- Hillary Clinton WILL be president!

  13. John Madden  

    I'm glad the underdogs won. One state versus an entire collection of states just doesn't seem fair to me.

  14. holy poop  

    I am completely in love with Manning, Burress, and Tyree right now.

  15. Umm  

    Hillary Clinton isn't exactly the underdog.

  16. Veritas

    Umm . . . are you daft?

    Hilary Clinton is clearly the underdog in the Democratic primary.

    Do you know anything about politics?

    • EAL  

      Veritas: Shut the hell up. Don't ruin a good thread by turning it into some irrelevant political debate. We don't need to hear it. Let the Giants fans enjoy their win.

      And just so you know, I'm neither a Giants fan nor an Obama supporter.

  17. don't forget  

    Steve Smith!

    The play of the game was Manning scrambling from a sure dogpile sack late in the game and throwing 30 yards to a fantastic catch on the other end.

    I'm biased but it was still the best Superbowl in yeeeeears.

  18. Tom Brady  

    asante samuel, you fucked up! you let my patriots lose!

  19. it was  

    paul who was chosen.

  20. dolfan  

    woooooo 72 dolphins are still the best!

    and that was the best superbowl i've ever seen. ever.

  21. as opposed  

    to the new england obamans?

  22. Assapopoulos  

    Note to freshmen: The Patriots filing paperwork to trademark "19-0" and "19-0 Perfect Season" before the Superbowl is a great example of "hubris." Keep that in mind for your Lit Hum finals.

  23. best  

    superbowl ever. i believe in ny teams again.

  24. John Madden  

    You see, the reason the Giants won is they put up more points than the Patriots. It's like, boom!, they had a higher score with 35 seconds left, and then they had the higher score when time expired, and, that's, that's, that's why people say the Giants won. Boom!

  25. wow  

    terrible super bowl. brady and manning both played like shit (brady moreso) and blocking was no where to be found (again particular for those pats). an exciting finish but literally 3 and half quarters of absolute garbage on both sides of the football.

    i'm happy for you native new yorkers cause i know this is a huge upset - but for the rest of us this was lackluster to say the least.

    also bwog, your pic's got nothing to do w/ either eli or the superbowl -- maybe stick to the artsy scene?

    • DHI  

      Nah man, Eli definitely played worse than Brady, the Giants defense just did a better job rushing the QB, and the Patriots dropped what should have been key interceptions. The only thing Eli really did well was that one pass where he got away from the rush and got it to Tyree. But he was missing a lot of passes that should have been easy, especially when he overthrew Plax on that rollout.

      Whatever. Fuck both those teams. At least the game was more exciting than I would have thought.

      • uh no way

        eli had 2 td's to brady's one

        the only int eli had was one that was a reciever basically tossing it to the corner...and both of them missed easy passes...eli had two great ones though..the one you mentioned and the one in the first half where he was getting tackled and threw a bullet to a guy heading to teh ground for a 1st--brady's only gains came on west coast welkery

        either way the giants did win it on d (justin tuck=my boy)

        and to the tard up higher who complained that there was too much defense (that's why the stellar pats line wasn't protecting that well--and you're a moron if you dont' think eli generally got good protection, quit watchign and go watch mcgwire and sosa in a homerun contest tool

        anyway..no need to put an asterisk on 18-1!

  26. at least...

    the yankees still suck...

  27. Veritas

    EAL: I will not be silenced. I consider the Giant's triumph very relevant to Hillary Clinton's inevitable presidency.

    • Inevitability  

      is not a characteristic you exactly ascribe to an underdog. Nor do underdogs generally have a commanding lead in polls for 8 months only to have the crown set aside for a little while because somebody has dared to challenge their *inevitable* ascent. An underdog is not somebody who IS losing at a particular moment in time, but is EXPECTED to lose under most circumstances. So, while I generally avoid insulting other people Bwog, perhaps you should keep your opinions on other people's political knowledge to yourself and open up a dictionary.

      Other than that, go Giants! Best game since Carolina-New England

  28. Eli  

    Manning is a GOD.

    GO GIANTS!!!

  29. YES!  

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Veritas  

    Let's do the math. 63 delegates have pledged support for Obama; 48 for Clinton. Therefore, Clinton is behind.

    Let's go Hillary! Best Democratic candidate since her husband!

  31. DHI  

    The difference in touchdowns only came because of that pass interference in the end zone on Watson on what would have been a TD pass. The Patriots got the easy first and goal and just had to run it in. And while the interception was not his fault, he got away with a lot of passes that should have been picked, particularly that horribly overthrown ball that Asante Samuel dropped.

    Also, those short timed routes require good passing to get those YAC. Eli doesn't usually have the timing that Brady uses to hit Welker in stride with three step drops.

    I'm no fan of Brady, but for most of the game he just looked like a quarterback without enough time in the pocket, and although he wasn't playing great he also wasn't playing terribly. On the other hand, Eli had a lot of bad throws with both open receivers and time in the pocket. You acknowledge he had pretty good protection; I'd say that makes his mistakes less excusable. Put Eli against the pass rush the Giants had, he would have done much worse.

    I don't really care that much, but I'd still say Eli played a worse game. He's gotta be a lot happier than Brady anyway.

    • first

      pierce was step for step with watson..he hit him cause he had his back turned

      its a huge leap to suggest that he would have caught the td pass on in that particular case

      as for the picks, brady aired out a couple that should have been picked too because he was inexplicably poor on deep passes that he got to throw

      as for the short time routes/yac stuff..that's reaching..a 5 yrd slant with a guy as shifty/quick as welker is not a high skill pass...its why the west coast offense has become popularized..you can have a guy with a noodle arm like pennington excel with it--it also utilizes teh size and quickness of guys like holt, welker and late career chrebet

      I agree with you however that brady did mostly just get hit all game and that Eli had some old eli moments. I completely disagree that eli played a worse game (he made the three toughest throws in teh game --the catch, the one where he was getting hit while throwing, and the first td where he threaded it), with that said i also think a dlineman should have been mvp.

      • DHI  

        Brady's deep floaters weren't as bad as Eli's passes that went right to d-backs. Eli's deep passes weren't much better - he floated some earlier.

        It's not a stretch at all to say that Brady's passing enabled those Welker plays. What do you mean by "high skill?" It requires accuracy, instinct, and quick release, if not as much arm strength. It wasn't developed for low skill QBs (Montana?), it was developed to stretch out defenses and beat overloads. Those short throws are key and a lot of QBs can't do them well.

        Anyway, I still saw Eli playing a worse game, even though Brady was having a worse game.

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