1. CML  

    NB: Chinatown bus is still the best way to get to Philadelphia.

  2. convenient  

    Just in time to vote tomorrow. And chinatown bus is only better if it leaves when it's supposed to.

  3. EAL  

    Chinatown bus is the biggest sketch show in modern American transportation. It's still Greyhound or Amtrak for me.

  4. yooo  

    Clearly, you haven't used Amtrak outside the Northeast Corridor. Trying to get from the East Coast to the Midwest is damn-near impossible to do in a timely fashion. New York to Detroit has taken me 26 and 28 hours, Washington to Detroit has taken 20 hours. Each takes about 10 hours by car, 12-13 by Greyhound and 2 by plane. If the Chinatown bus went to the Midwest I'd be on that all the time.

    • EAL  

      Obviously, I meant the Northeast. If I lived in Chicago or Detroit, I'd fly.

      • if you have the time

        amtrak is basically free. here's why. most of the long haul trains run around 75 bucks a leg, and are almost always late. here's the secret. if its late, call up and bitch and you get a 75 dollar voucher. playing your cards right, you almost never have to pay for amtrak. obviously though if you don't have a good book or a whole season of whatever to watch, it can be a hellish time.

    • Just for perspective

      If the Japanese ran Amtrak, you'd be able to travel from New York to Chicago by train in three hours.

  5. 1312123  

    Chinatown is sketchy but it's worth the price. It's regularly less than 1/2 the price of Greyhound or comparable transportations. Chinatown is 35$ to DC round-trip but it's 80$ for Greyhound. Chinatown buses are also clean, if you choose to ride on the decent ones. Just be a wise consumer.

    • ttan

      Also, don't talk to people and try to enjoy the screeching Peking opera / nonsensical kung-fu movies they always seem to be showing.

    • EAL  

      You must be getting ripped off terribly. I go between Washington and New York on Greyhound regularly and I pay $35 round trip. Amtrak at its cheapest is $120 round trip between those two points, yet still (at least in my opinion), faster, more comfortable, and more convenient than the bus, especially if you're traveling on holidays when the Turnpike and Lincoln Tunnel are parking lots.

  6. ttan

    I was coming back to New York LaGuardia from Chicago once via AA (may their bellies be roasted in hell) and it was announced an hour in advance that my flight would be delayed. So I stood by for a Chicago to Philly flight, caught that, then took the train to New York from Philly and STILL got to Columbia before my original flight landed. Ergo, in a trip from Chicago to New York, NJ Transit beat an airline.

  7. WHY  

    is ttan still on this website?!

  8. FranceRulesTheWorld  

    If the Japanese ran Amtrak it would take 4h14 from NYC to Chi
    If the French ran Amtrak it would take a mere 3h59 !

    Which is way faster than security + flying

  9. Jersey

    I, as a native New Yorker, tip my hat, for once, to New Jersey. Go New Jersey!

  10. For Philadelphia  

    The P2P circulator is the best. It's basically the chinatown bus, but it goes from Penn Station to 30th street, and its $25 round trip - only $5 more!

    NJT is more enjoyable but slower and more $$$. And Amtrak is monopolistic, bureaucratic, and expensive, but you'll get there late!

  11. The King of Spain  

    Vamoose, or any other bus service run by Jews and driven by sketchy slavs is clearly the best way to move cheaply.

  12. MIMS  

    That would be sick if we added a bullet train between NY and Chicago. That would bring in so much revenue. 4 hours is decent...for Chicago it'd be worth it.

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