Where’s McCain?

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So the Super Bowl is over, but New York is getting ready for another showdown. Bwog wakes up early to catch the solicitors in action!

Snow on Christmas Eve is so trite, but snow on SuperTuesday Eve?! It’s just a harbinger of things to come. Volunteers from the rival Obama and Clinton factions have been stationed outside the 110th Cathedral Parkway 1 stop since 7 am handing out fliers and reminding people to vote in the New York primaries tomorrow. The solicitors are braving the elements during both morning and evening rush hours, stop by later to show your support.




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  1. stupid dems  


  2. alexw

    Vote Hillary if you love war.

  3. Yeah...

    Just like Republican not even to know what tomorrow's vote is for.


    Tomorrow is the primary. Say it with me "PRY-MARE-EEEE." You'll have to wait until the General Election in November to see your candidate get ground into dust by ours.

    • goes both ways  

      Why do the Democrat politicians always say "When I am President.." in their debates... instead of "When I win the nomination..."

      • Well

        Because when they are asked serious policy questions in the debates, each responds by talking about what he/she would do when President.

        What each of them would do when nominated certainly wouldn't be that interesting to any of us, since we assume it would simply be "go on to win the Presidency."

        And if the Republicans start all their answers by saying "When I win the nomination," well then I think we already know how confidant they are that any of them will be the next President of the United States.

  4. I know...

    I know it's not 'P.C.' but I really wonder: is America ready for a black person?

  5. That guy

    is kind of attractive...

  6. I was #8

    I was commentator #8, and I meant exactly what I said


  7. Michael Palin

    I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK. I sleep all night and I work all day...

  8. neko

    In barack's excuse speech,when he made reference to "white people have worked hard but the fear of for example welfare etc... "They(white people) need to move on" HELLO? DITTO!When was the civil war? how many whites died for there freedom.Lets get the real history of slaves right.All nationality's suffered coming to this country,thank God for my ancestors!(irish)No, they were not forced to come but we were not sold by any African (so called) Kings to the spainish and english. At least they came to clothes, homes ,food and a job. They need to be thankful ,Seeing there own kind didnot want them,They are not in the jungle naked and eating magots out of wild hog belly's.Not a living black today picked any damn cotton!Blacks today are so self centered and self consumed they can't see the forest from the trees. NO MORE EXCUSES. Barak obama is using his own people to win, suckering all! Using slavary, stirring the pot. What these people don't know and ignorant to no black person is going to live free and not have to work for money.I worked in an all black area I've heard how they bitch and complain that they should not have to work, how the gov. should pay for them to live.Barak is as phony as rubber crap!A fith grader could have written his speech and it is compared to a great president,This should tell you the mentallity of the Black race. Barack obama will destroy America. Wake up America. Barack's past, He's a racist at it's best. He is bafooning you all!GOD BLESS AMERICA

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