Jeffrey Sachs Still Hates Poverty, Just Hates It

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Sustainable development loving John Legend fan Jeffrey Sachs and incredibly wealthy person Jeff Flug were recently photographed at Tom’s Restaurant for an article on CNN.com about the faces of philanthropy. Faces aside, we’re actually more drawn to Flug’s hand, which appears disturbingly huge. “Like his commitment to charity!” observed a Bwog contributor. 

The article points out that since the Jeffs joined forces, “the two have raised more than $100 million from donors like George Soros – who recently pledged $50.” George Soros: underwhelming, miserly billionaire? Or copy error? We report, you decide.




  1. EAL  

    Why the hell would JEFF SACHS be subjecting himself to the culinary disaster that is Tom's? Maybe he was ordering a milkshake...

  2. EAL  

    I enjoy Tom's for the milkshakes and occasional pastrami sandwich. Everything else on the menu isn't all that special, which makes me wonder why two incredibly well-off people, who could dine at one of Morningside's more sophisticated restaurants, would choose to eat at Tom's.

    And now to counter your argumentum ad hominem: you're a douchebag. kthxbye.

  3. true stories

    Of Tom's

    1. A night in which a friend sat down in a booth and realized his feet were slipping around in a pile of vomit
    2. Another friend ate half a chicken finger before he realized the whole plate was not cooked, just breaded on the outside, and thus utterly raw.

  4. picky  

    *miserly billionaire

  5. poo...  

    Tom's is an utter piece of shit. The food is really horrible, regardless of the price. This isn't a matter of sophistication or money; it is purely a matter of taste, and simply put, Tom's tastes the same way that the servers smell DISGUSTING...

    Tom's aside, there are some good restaurants in morningside, or rather one....Symposium!!!

  6. whatever

    tom's makes decent food. you get yourself a salad, a soup, some eggs, french fries and some toast, that is a good hearty meal. just go on weekdays late when it empty. just you eyewitness news, the greeks, and some good eats.

  7. CommentBot  


    I will talk about Tom's Restaurant, something that is only tangentially related to the question posed in the post. I will not answer whether I think Soros is cheap! I will instead engage in this sidebar.


  8. hmm...  

    Actually, that picture is really weird looking...odd coloring.

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