The Fun at AlcoholEdu Never Stops

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Last week, first-years received an email from AlcoholEdu announcing a contest. Alcohol Edu, always on top of the latest zeitgeist-y cultural references asked: “Is college really like Old School or Animal House?” Responses could take any form of expression (hear that, you creative types?) from essays to drawings to videos. 

Bwog found this quite coincidental, as we have actually decided to hold the exact same contest. Is college really the drunken, orgiastic clusterfuck of attractive people and endless parties that the teenagers in the Animal House film tell us it is? Well, of course! But we want to know why. Send photoshopped creations, videos, songs, essays, haikus and the like to [email protected] by this Sunday at midnight. The best will be posted and subsequent voting will ensue—unless you guys are like, too waaaasted. Bwogger Justin Vlasits’ submission hangs proudly above.

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  1. dear bwog  

    on the homepage, your em dashes become question marks. the problem doesn't exist on the post's page itself, which is curious. just on the home page.

  2. haiku  

    Franzia on shirt?
    Why does my dong tingle thus?
    Time to get tested!

  3. Anonymous  

    "Thursday Night"
    Dark; loud techno music track.
    Empty cans strewn about.
    Less-than-three engineering.

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