$1 Candygrams For That Special Barnard Lady

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Barnard’s 2011 Class Council is offering $1 Valentine’s Day candygrams. They had a booth set up in the lobby of Sulzberger on Monday and Tuesday from 5-7 PM, and the same booth will also be there tonight and tomorrow (Thursday) evening from 5-7.

The $1 buys a personalized message and a selection of sweets. A young woman manning the booth promised Bwog Hershey’s Kisses, and that all candy would be kosher. “Pork,” she answered, when Bwog asked what ingredients were commonly found in non-kosher candy.

The grams will be delivered on Valentine’s Day, but only to the Barnard Quad, so too bad for those pining away for a Plimpton hottie, or, you know, someone who’s not a female living in the Quad’s dorms. But one buck for some pork-free candy sounds pretty sweet.


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  1. Columbian  

    There was also a Candy Gram sale in Lerner 10:30am-2:30pm today. They'll be back Friday and Monday-Wednesday next week.

  2. yeah..  

    you should mention the rotaract candy gram as well...

    also can you send things anon?

  3. romance  

    I gave you my heart,
    I gave you my soul
    Now I'm just another number at the Center for Disease Control

  4. V-D  

    anyone notice that the sign said V-Day, with the V-D in huge capital letters? The even less pleasant side of Valentining.

  5. EAL  

    Hmm...to the Barnard girl manning the booth: must the kisses you're handing out be indeed Hershey's?

  6. suggestion  

    Rotaract also does candy grams campus-wide and are also $1. You can buy them on Lerner Ramps this week--look for our table.

  7. 4 for you Glen Coco!

    You go Glen Coco!

    And none for Gretchen Wieners.

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