Glass House Rocks will not in fact Rock at All

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earsAn anonymous tipster let Bwog know that the rock bands scheduled at everyone’s favorite ramped building will not be playing “for security reasons.”  The bands that Bwog knows were nixed include Beta Theta Pi’s The Stolen Cars, jazz/metal Columbia band Wizards of the Coast and Bowie-imitating Brooklyn rockers Dasher.  Bwog is disappointed that we will now have to listen to that annoying kid fumbling through Moonlight Sonata and chromatic scales in the piano lounge.

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  1. serves them right  

    for not have tkc play.

  2. lame  

    what about the lame a cappella groups!?!

  3. since when  

    has anything truly "rocked" at columbia?

  4. Great  

    Fuck Student Affairs/Public Safety/UEM or whoever is behind this. Their security reasons can suck my balls.

  5. Pianist  

    Fuck you, Bwog. The practice pianos in Schap suck balls, and it's not like there's space in a dorm room for a concert grand. I'll fumble my way through whatever I damn well please.

  6. ...  

    Rock bands not playing for security reasons?

    And these security reasons are...?

    [I bet Vampire Last Weekend will be free]

  7. whenever  

    an on-campus musical band is mentioned, I am reminded of Scrubs' Ted.

  8. yooo  


  9. Event Coordinators  

    Hi All,

    We are very sorry that the bands cannot play, it was our original intention to have them performing on stage in Roone, but this did not happen due to a meeting with Security because they believed that we would surpass fire code restrictions with all of the other stuff that we have in there as well. Next year we are going to try and plan this better so that we can actually get bands to perform in their own room! Also, battle of the bands is in two weeks so we encourage all of four of the bands that we were trying to get to perform at Glass House to participate in that and show the whole Columbia Community how good you really are.

    Again, we are sorry for this and really wanted to have the bands perform.

    GHR Event Coordinators

  10. por que  

    why can't you put them in the party space? or some big room on the 5th floor?

  11. alfred lerner

    Why not try the concert pianos on Lerner 5?

    • ZvS

      Usually occupied! And sometimes locked for no reasons.

      It's pretty disgraceful, really... not to mention that periodically there will just be nobody working in Schapiro. Oops!

      Fortunately, there are other secret pianos.

      • JJV  

        The fact is, you can beg the music department for keys to the Carman practice room, which not only has a grand piano but a drum kit and guitar/bass amps. Drummers are sometimes jerks who think they're the only one's who can practice there, but it's free often enough.

  12. alfred

    (that was in response to the disgruntled pianist, #9)

  13. Hmm  

    I heart GHR! But isn't it all a 'security risk'? I've been to them before, and I get nervous every time I see those dance performers on the ramps!

  14. jacob  

    the bottom line here: columbia doesn't give a fuck about creative projects that aren't part of a club or campus organization.

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