Hurray for New Blood

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The bloated acronym-octopus– so confusing it needs a bloated, meaningless metaphor to represent it– that is OoSA/OSGA/SGB (Office of Student Affairs/Office of Student Group Advising/Student Governing Board) has a new dean. Todd Smith’s job is to guard SGB (recently gobbled up by OoSA/OSGA) from administration influence.  His credentials include eight years as NYUDotOoLGBT/TSS (New York University’s Director of the Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender/Transsexual Student Services).  SGB reps are giddy about their new defender, who starts work February 25th.



  1. ugh  

    please fix the em dashes on the homepage; they show up as question marks:

    "The bloated acronym-octopus�so confusing it needs a bloated, meaningless metaphor to represent it�that is OoSA/SGA/SGB"

    even better, stop using them. they're ugly and superfluous.

  2. Wtf  

    SGB = student governing board.
    OSGA = office of student group advising.
    They're separate acronyms for separate organizations. The SDA also falls under the Office of Student Affairs, but you don't call it Oosa/sda/abc do you?

    Come on, it's not that hard.

  3. alexw  

    Fire this asshole immediately and spend the money on groups.

    My groups.

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