Quickspec: Bwog Heals the Written Word Edition

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Come on Spec copy editors, what’s a Legistation?   

This article needs a more descriptive title: how about One Step Closer to Robot Soldiers?

This Mexican restaurant needs a better name: how about Chipotle’s Ugly Cousin?

Bwog’s not all criticism, though!  A gold star to the very appropriate alliteration in this title! 

And a crime & punishment teaser for a report on the subject later today

And a QuickChristSciMon: For most Columbians, statistics classes are soul-numbing, idealism-crushing experiences, but for this alum



  1. Red Stripe  

    Boo Spec spelling. Hooray beer!

  2. blockheads

    is more expensive than any of the other mexican restaurants in the area, and isn't as good... why is chipotle considered the only "oldie" in the area acc. to spec... noche mexicana & taqueria are staples.

  3. blockheads

    god that place fucking sucks, i dont know why anyone would ever walk that far down for shitty overpriced fake-mexican food and rude service when you could go to taqueria just as easy. it's pathetic, but even chipotle is better.

  4. idea  

    Radio Perfecto is considering going Mexican. That would be a welcome addition!

  5. blockheads  

    once served me nachos with worms. they tasted fine until I realized they were worms. also weird people go there. who like sports teams from Arizona.

  6. blockheads  

    is offensive. I found a hair in my burrito.

  7. Why  

    would you get anything at Blockheads other than the margaritas? The margaritas are fantastic.

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